Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up | January

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I am seriously in the mood for chicken strips & coffee & macaroni and cheese..

HELLO FRIENDS! It is now the middle-ish of the first month of 2016, so I will be posting my Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up. This post is just as it sounds — around the middle of every month I will be posting an ‘update’ post that shares my progress in regards to my TBR, posts, and life in general. But without further blabberings, here is the break down:

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  • School has just started back up for me and it’s already filled with loads of stress (but I mean, nothing new). I am actually supposed to be finishing up some of my weekend homework, but oh well.
  • I started to practice driving with my sister and dad. I can’t even get my permit until around April-July, but my dad is making me learn anyways. I already shared that I hate driving and it’s terrifying to me, but if I wanna go to book events and such when I am older, I guess I gotta learn to drive! (Well, there is the bus…)
  • I’ve been painting, coloring, and sketching and it’s feels so good to be back to it!!
  • Last week I found this amazing & unique shaved-ice place near me in CA and I love it sooooo much!! The place is called Vampire Penguin. Have you been there before?? Here is a photo of what my siblings and I ordered:

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  • I have put myself on a book-buying BAN!! I know what you are thinking, “Jesalin, how can you be on a book-buying ban when you practically buy books every month????” I know, I know. But I just got a ton of novels for Christmas and my “bought but not read” shelf is increasing. So, I have to be responsible just this one time and read the books I am buying every month, lol. I don’t know how long I’ll be on this ban, but don’t expect any book hauls anytime soon. (It hurts me too, don’t worry)
  • In case you missed it, my GR Reading Challenge goal is 65 and I’ve only read one book so far…*sighs*
  • I am currently reading one novel for pleasure, Falling into Place by Amy Zhang, and the other for school, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. If school weren’t in the way, I would be finished why Zhang’s.
  • I posted two book reviews this month so far: The Future of Us by Jay Asher HERE & Carolyn Mackler & And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard HERE.
  • I requested another novel from Blogging for Books, so it should be coming in the mail in the next week or so. I am very excited to start reading this one!

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I’ve posted almost everyday this month so I am very proud of myself! 😀

And that is ALL for this month’s Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up! If you missed any of those posts above, make sure you go check them out and let me know your thoughts! If you want to check up on my progress for the rest of the month, I would suggest following me on Goodreads!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you next time…





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7 responses to “Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up | January

  1. Ugh, I hated Things Fall Apart…my teacher hated it too but the school forced us to read it. Great Job on the posting!

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  2. Oh my god that Ice-cream place seems awesome! Just look at those deserts!
    Good luck with your book buying ban! I’m actually trying to spend more on books because I need to catch up on a lot of books!

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  3. I’m behind on my reading challenge too. Mine is for 65 and I’ve just finished my second book meaning that I couldn’t get a review up on time!

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