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Random Quote of the Day: “I am back…I think…And I am ready to blog!” – JBelkBooks

Hello sunshines! 🔆 The last time I did an update was in October! That seems so far from today (and it kind of is)! I am finally on Christmas break from school and I now have some courage to sit down and actually type this post.

I guess I should start off with that I don’t know if I’m back for GOOD — I still have a few more months of my senior year and first semester definitely kicked my ass. With college applications, my jobs, numerous projects and tests…I have been a mess. But with the first semester finished I think I might want to get back into blogging. I’ve missed the interactions, being involved, and enjoying my time creating these posts. I’ve even thought of starting off the New Year with a new layout and possibly self-publishing?! I think that if I actually paid for self-publishing I’d be more willing to find time to put attention into blogging. I don’t know though,what do you guys think?? If you have any experiences/tricks and tips to self-publishing, definitely let me know! I was just going to purchase through WordPress, but if anyone has any other websites/services that are better/worth it, please feel free to share!

But anyways, I won’t go into a whole update into my life because it’s pretty much that same humble jumble — school, work, school, and more school. School has taken over my life as most of you guys know, but I did want to share that I AM, indeed, ALIVE and I have missed you all a ton.

I’ve missed you all SO MUCH that I am going to be hosting a New Years Giveaway! 🎉It’s one of the simple ones:

[1.] FOLLOW ME on Twitter [at] JBelkBooks

[2.] RETWEET this tweet and let the magic happen!

In honor of two years of blogging, TWO winners will be chosen. Each winner will be sent an Amazon E-Gift Card worth $10! This giveaway is open to US Residents and International. GIVEAWAY ENDS January 1st, 2018 PST! GOOD LUCK! 💗💗line

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…


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6 responses to “A Welcome Back? And Giveaway? | Chat with JBelkBooks

  1. Oh it’s so good to hear from you, Jess, I’ve missed seeing you around ❤ I hope you will find the time to blog again, but I hope you are having a good time and are enjoying your job and studies and everything ❤ Sending you all the love xx

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  2. Congrats on two years blogging!! And glad to see you around again, hope things calm down a little so you have more time for your blog 🙂 ❤️

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  3. Alex

    Congrats on 2 years blogging. I have been at the one year mark before i had to stop. So major props to you!!

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