The Bay Area Book BFFs: Blogger & Author Event | Recap Part TWO


Hello sunshines! I know, I know…It’s been A WHILE. I have been on the brink of graduating high school (more info. on this later) and in the midst of all this, I ACTUALLY had time to go to a bookish event! If you guys remember, last year around this time I attended the NYMBC Bloggers 💗 Authors Book Event! Thanks to Hannah, Christy, Nancy and those that hosted the event, I was invited once again to Books Inc. in Santa Clara, CA.


14192689_1090537074316653_2695579152047120126_n.pngNot Your Mother’s Book Club isn’t REALLY a club. It’s the name of Books Inc.’s Young Adult Author Salon. So really, we’re just an inclusive bunch of PASSIONATE readers who get to hang out with the coolest authors on the scene! We throw parties, eat snacks and read, read, read, read, read…

Not Your Mother’s Book Club events go into the Not Your Mother’s Book Club Fund, which Books Inc. turns around and uses to spread the love of reading throughout the Bay Area communities.

Just like last year, I was paired up with one of the Bay Area’s local authors and I had the wondrous opportunity to interview and get to know this author. Before we get into the interview, here is a list of the authors that attended this time around:

Claire Khan // Gordon Jack // Krystal Sutherland // SJ Kincaid // Lily Anderson // Adrienne Young // Stephanie Kuehn // Tim Floreen // Randy Ribay // Alexandra Sirowy // Kelly Loy Gilbert // Tamara Ireland Stone

This year I was teamed up with Krystal Sutherland.


 Credit: Lisa Fahey Photography Krystal Sutherland was born and raised in Townsville, Australia–an inhospitable land where crocodiles, snakes, and jellyfish are always on the prowl. She grew up living directly across the road from the local library and spent almost every day after school (and weekends, too) having adventures between the pages of books (mainly because it was too dangerous to go outside). She moved to Sydney for college (and safety), where she cut her writing teeth as the editor of the student magazine at the University of New South Wales. She kept gathering tales as an exchange student in Hong Kong and as a foreign correspondent in Amsterdam. Her first book, Our Chemical Hearts, was released in 2016, and was published in over twenty countries. Her three greatest fears are heights, dark caves . . . and (perhaps worst of all) frogs.

Image result for krystal sutherlandTo say the least, I was extremely excited to interview Krystal as she is AUSTRALIAN and I had just read her well-known novel, Our Chemical Hearts. Needless to say I was still a newbie when it came to interviewing her, but I have to commend myself for not embarrassing myself TOO much. This time I decided to video record the interview. You can find the video HERE and all of the funny, quirky questions and comments I had to offer.

During this event, I was able to mingle and chat with other authors and bloggers. I must say I’ve grown since the last event — since I was more familiar with the environment and some of the authors (from last year), it was easier to get to know others. Perhaps one of my favorite parts was when I was able to hear each author talk about themselves and their novels. It was very interesting (and an honor) to hear about their novels from their perspectives…I mean, and the fact that I was in the SAME ROOM as some of the world’s favorite authors.

Image result for krystal sutherland

It was definitely awesome to interview Krystal. She was such a delightful soul and she definitely made me feel welcomed. Her personality is one of the best and I am very happy that she’s enjoying herself in the States. Everyone at the event was so warm and friendly, and I definitely felt like a blogger, again. With events like these local bloggers and authors are appreciated, and that’s what I love so much about NYMBC & Books Inc..

Screenshot (42).pngIn short, I am beyond thankful to have been invited to this event. For the second year, I think Christy, Hannah, and those at Books Inc. really outdid themselves this time around. I had a fantastic time back at Books Inc. and revisiting one of the best indie bookstores in California. I got a ton of novels signed and I even got some cool socks! Hopefully next year I will find myself back there again with more experiences to come. See you next time, Bay Area Book BFFS: Bloggers ❤ Authors! 

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…



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  1. YAY I love this and I am so glad you felt more comfortable this year ❤

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