IMG_2393JBelkBooks: where all your dreams come true including bottomless french fries & unlimited ice cream (I wish). Hello, beautiful human race (aliens are welcome too, though)! My name is Jesalin [Je-suh-lin], but I usually go by Jess. I am a proud bibliophile, lover of mother nature, and creator of art. I am currently located in sunny California where I’ve basically lived my whole life. I go to school, get an education, eat, & sleep. Sounds simple, but it’s really not. However, I always try and find the greater in life.

This happens to not be my first blogging experience; I previously used Weebly to blog. But then I discovered this website and it happened to appeal to me more. So I decided, heck, let’s start all over again! So, now I am here expressing my creativity to the community & yes, I am enjoying loving it! I absolutely love the idea of blogging and the people I meet during the process. And now that I am starting fresh, I get to meet more wonderful people & express myself with the things I love most.

On this blog you should expect several things. Books & the Arts are definitely something I can talk about for a good long while, so that’s what this blog will mostly be about. However if you decided to take a longer stroll through my blog, you’ll notice I have other things such as my Subscription Box reviews, tags, hauls, etc. So, if you are interested in those, feel free to check them out! My art & book related posts will mostly consist of:

ART POSTS: Hauls, Supply Reviews (upon request), my paintings/drawings in general, etc.

BOOK(ISH) POSTS: Hauls, Reviews, Weekly Memes, etc.

JBelkBooks is a blog for the lonely, the lovers, the readers, & anyone else willing to read what I have to say.

Thanks for visiting — you are amazing!


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Email: jbelkbooks[at]gmail.com

For inquiries or requests, click here.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” –George R. R. Martin

“Without a doubt, I must read all the books I’ve read about. See the artworks hung on hooks, that I have only seen in books.” –Lang Leav



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  44. Sev

    Hi Jessalin, nice to (virtually) meet you! books and art sound like a nice program. Looking forward to reading you!

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