The Bay Area Book BFFs: Blogger & Author Event | Recap


Random Quote of the Day: “People age even when you’re not looking.” – Randy K. Milholland

Hello sunshines! ☀ I am so happy to be typing this post and sharing such an amazing experience with you all! If you didn’t know, about a week ago I attended a private event hosted by Hannah @ NYMBC,  Christy & Nancy @ Tales of the Ravenous Reader and those at Books Inc. located in Santa Clara, CA. Here’s some details:


The Bay Area Book BFFs: Authors ❤ Bloggers Brunch

Image result for books inc santa claraThanks to Christy & Hannah, I was invited to this event where local authors & bloggers were able to connect & express what we love most — BOOKS!! It was my first time visiting Books Inc., and it was such a beautiful bookstore that I hope to visit again. The company & the overall environment was so welcoming, and I definitely appreciated that. There was food, books, authors…What more could I ask for??


As mentioned, Bay Area authors & bloggers were joined together, ranging from all ages and genres. Here’s a list of who attended:

Bloggers* –

NYMBC // Tales of the Ravenous Reader // Folded Pages Distillery // JBelkBooks // San Jose Public Library // Books, Boys, and Blogs // Forever Young Adult // Girl in the Pages // Tealreader // The Young Folks // Shooting Stars Mag

*please make sure to visit all of their blogs; you won’t regret it!!


14192689_1090537074316653_2695579152047120126_n.pngNot Your Mother’s Book Club isn’t REALLY a club. It’s the name of Books Inc.’s Young Adult Author Salon. So really, we’re just an inclusive bunch of PASSIONATE readers who get to hang out with the coolest authors on the scene! We throw parties, eat snacks and read, read, read, read, read…

Not Your Mother’s Book Club events go into the Not Your Mother’s Book Club Fund, which Books Inc. turns around and uses to spread the love of reading throughout the Bay Area communities.

Authors –

Rahul Kanakia // Traci Chee // Christy Lenzi // Alexandra Sirowy // Sonya Mukherjee // Jessica Taylor // Kelly Gilbert // Parker Peevyhouse // Tim Floreen // Nina LaCour // Tara Sim // Tricia Stirling

Although I had not recognized any of the bloggers or authors, I must say it was such a joy to be able to talk about books, Netflix, and other things we had in common with fellow bloggers. Everyone was so delightful and friendly, and I am happy to say that I have connected further with those who attended. 💞


So, I know you are DYING to know what actually went down at the event, so of course I’m going to share the experience! Now, I must admit this was my first private event that I have been invited to, so I was a little nervous (plus, I was never really a good public speaker). But once things started to escalate, I found it easier to chat with others and really engage with the event.

To start, each author had small, maybe 5 minute speeches about their published novels & what they have upcoming. I enjoyed this part a lot, just because I wasn’t familiar with ALL of the authors. I found a few new-to-me authors, and YES, they have been added to my TBR 😁

After this, we were split into our pre-paired (blogger & author) interviews, and I had the WONDERFUL & UNFORGETTABLE opportunity to interview *drum roll, please*Alexandra Sirowy!!!


biophotoSirowy lives in a small town in Northern California. THE CREEPING is her first novel and available wherever books are sold from Simon & Schuster BFYR. THE TELLING is her second novel, whereas her upcoming release, FIRST WE WERE IV, will be released during the summer of 2017. They are not a series, but they are all YA thrillers. “I WRITE ABOUT GIRLS WHO RESCUE THEMSELVES, TRUE LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP, SECRETS AND LIES, AND MONSTERS AND HEROES THAT LOOK LIKE ME AND YOU.”

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble

Firstly, Sirowy was such a jubilant, passionate person. I learned so much about her, her novels, and the writing process all together. She was extremely kind, and I am very honored to have been paired with her.


ME: What would you say your inspiration for The Creeping was?

Image result for purple arrowSIROWY: My inspiration for THE CREEPING came from an idea I had for a protagonist. I had this witty, slightly brittle, and loyal seventeen-year-old girl in my head. She was the survivor of a mysterious tragedy when she was a small kid and had complicated feelings about it. I wanted to see this girl set out to solve the mystery of the past in order to survive mysteries of the present. Once I’d created Stella, the town legend of THE CREEPING and Stella’s ride or die best friends came next.

img_3552ME: Would you say you have a “specialized genre”? One that is most intriguing and/or fun to write about?

Image result for purple arrowS: My first three books, THE CREEPING, THE TELLING, and FIRST WE WERE IV, are YA thrillers and suspense novels, but writing in many other genres appeals to me. I try not to define or limit myself with identifying to strongly with one genre. I go where the story takes me and it has just happened that these first three books were suspense. I have a couple of fantasy projects in development, as well as a contemporary. We’ll see which story demands to be told next.

ME: Do you have any advice for starting/ending chapters?

Image result for purple arrowS: Ending chapters can be tricky. I try to end with a balance between giving the reader a little resolution, upping the tension, and leaving the reader enticed to start the next chapter. The way I begin chapters varies. I’d advise aspiring writers to follow their instincts.

ME: I noticed you used the roman numeral, IV, for your upcoming novel’s title, First We Were IV. firstwewere4-1-678x1024Why is that?

Image result for purple arrowS: Yes, it’s FIRST WE WERE IV for a reason! FIRST WE WERE IV is about four best friends who start a secret society their senior year of high school to stay bonded for life. They name this secret society the Order of IV. Izzie, Viv, Graham, and Harry’s reasoning? There are four chambers of a heart, four seasons, four fundamental forces of physics, and four of them. They decide to use the roman numeral because it’s more badass.

ME: How did publishing your debut novel change your process of writing?

Image result for purple arrowS: Getting published did and didn’t alter my writing process. Externally my process is unchanged. I write five days week, break occasionally for a walk or run through the woods, and work exclusively from my house, a local coffee shop, or this shaded picnic table in a park up the street from my house. There’s usually music playing, a candle burning, and lots of tea and coffee (both, please). What has changed is that I’m more experienced after three books published. That experience didn’t only come from getting published but also from working on several different manuscripts. The more you write, the stronger you get, the more developed your voice is, and the more practiced you are at plotting. 

Following the interview, we were able to mingle with each other and recommend some of our favorite novels! Now, this part was amazing because as we wrote down each other’s recommendations, we were then able to purchase those novels for 10% off!! We all know I wasn’t supposed to buy books this month, BUT THE 10% OFF WAS CALLING MY NAME!!! I did want to thank Christy for all her awesome recommendations, and everyone else as well. I ended up buying two of Christy’s recommendations, where I got one signed:

I can’t say this enough — I had an incredible time attending the Bay Area Book BFFs: Blogger & Author Event!! This is definitely an experience that will be a highlight of 2017, so THANK YOU again to all of those that make this event happen ❤


Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…






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8 responses to “The Bay Area Book BFFs: Blogger & Author Event | Recap

  1. YAY! This is such a wonderful post, Jesalin! I love how your captured your thoughts about the event and your interview. Alexandra is so fun and we are so lucky to have her here!

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  2. Awe I’m really glad you enjoyed this event and I loved getting to read about how it was. I wish I could do something like this as it seems like a lot of fun and just something nice to do other than just sitting at my computer blogging. I’m so happy for you Jess!
    – Yasmin

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