Review Requests

On this blog, I review three things: books, art materials, and subscription boxes.

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I honestly love posting reviews for any author. I will most likely not decline your request unless the only available format you can send me is technology based (i.e. Kindle, eBook, pubs, audiobooks, etc.) or if at the time, I am drowning in review copies.. I enjoy reading most with a physical copy (paperback and hardback). I currently am living in California, so please keep that in mind when requesting me to read your novel; the time it takes for shipping and handling should be taken into consideration.

On this blog, I am open to reviewing any novel. However I am mainly interested in these genres:

  • Young Adult (Thriller, Contemporary, Romance, Dystopian, Fantasy)
  • New Adult

NOTE: The rate at which I will approve your request is mostly based on the genre and the source.

What to Expect From My Reviews:

  • A photo of the novel itself
  • title, author, page count, genre, format, and source (how it was received)
  • synopsis/summary of the novel
  • before reading thoughts
  • quick overlook
  • review (after reading thoughts) and “star” rating
  • link to novel on Goodreads
  • links to where you can purchase the novel
  • occasional graphics (memes, gifs, etc.)
  • An overall HONEST review with no intended disrespect

Here is where you can view examples of my reviews.

If there is any issue with me being able to read and review your novel, you will be notified. These issues can include:

  • deadlines
  • receiving the novel
  • (un)interest in the novel

With that being said, if you are an author striving for a specific deadline, PLEASE include that in the email!

I post my reviews on this blog and Goodreads. However, if you would like my review to be posted on other sites (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.), I can do that as well. You would just have to inform me of the specific sites.


  • If you send me a physical copy, I am not expecting to return it to you.
  • Reviews are spoiler free, unless stated otherwise.
  • If you are wishing to send a sequel to a novel, please be aware that I may not have read the first novel. But if you are willing to send both, that would be fine.
  • I am open to hosting giveaways (non-paying), cover reveals, blog tours, etc.



I also review subscription boxes on this blog. If you are a new subscription box company or just want more awareness for your box, I am open to reviewing it! Please be aware of my location (California, USA) before sending the box as well. I will mostly accept your box unless it is something I honestly won’t use (i.e. Men’s Shavers, infantry items, alcohol, etc.).

What You Should Expect in These Reviews:

  • information about the subscription (links, photos, etc.)
  • my subscription choice
  • information about the items included
  • thoughts on those items
  • conclusion
  • overall “star” rating

The amount of information included in the review depends on the subscription itself. If it is a food subscription box, there would be more information about that than for a craft box.

I post my reviews on this blog only, but if you wish for me to review it elsewhere, please let me know in advance.


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I am a lover of the arts, and love creating art more specifically. Therefore I am always trying to improve and perfect my skills. I normally purchase art supplies maybe once or twice a month if I’m lucky, but I usually do not need to because I stock up on my supplies. If you have supplies that you would like reviewed, I would love to do that for you. I do not review supplies individually unless requested, but I do provide awareness of the item and give purchasing options in my Art Supply Hauls.

At the moment I purchase my own supplies from Michaels or Dickblick (online or in-store). But I am open to any brand or store. These are the mediums I am mostly interested in:

  • Acrylic
  • Watercolor
  • Graphite

If you wish for more detail or have specific request, please let me know. Here you can view an example of my reviews.

With that being said, if you wish to receive more reviews or ratings for your novel, subscription box, or art material, you can contact me via email or my Contact Form:


Email: jbelkbooks[at]


I will get to you as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact me! 🙂

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