Feature with Followers | #9

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Hello my lovely friends! It is Feature with Followers time!!

Feature with Followers is a weekly post created by JBelkBooks (me) where I will be showcasing one of my AMAZING followers. This gives me an opportunity to really get to know them and give them an opportunity to get their blogs out there in the community. The way I choose my featured follower is Top Secret, so wait for your chance to be featured!

Today I am showcasing another wonderful female blogger who showed an extreme interest in my blog. She always chats with me in the comment section, so I had to show her a little appreciation by showcasing her & her blog today. Here are some hints on who this week’s FwF could be:

  • Her name rhymes with ‘Jasmine’
  • She is one year younger than me.
  • She loves to read books and drink coffee


Yasmin @ readbooksanddrinkcoffee!!

ABOUT YASMIN: My name is Yasmin and I’m a fourteen year old girl from Auckland New Zealand. I love reading science fiction and dystopian novels. However my favourite two series of all time are The Shadowhunter Chronicles and the Harry Potter series.
Other than reading and blogging I spend a lot of my time listening to music while dancing, horribly, around my room. I also love photography, it is a passion of mine. I love making things out of paper, card, recycled jars or anything I can find.

And now onto the chat/interview process where I asked Yasmin some questions & she answers them for me!

ME: When did your blogging journey begin and why did you decide to start?

YASMIN: I made my blog late August 2015, I think my first blog post was early September. I wish I’d made it earlier last year.
I’d wanted to make a blog for quite a while but didn’t have a reason to make one.
My best friend also loved reading and we would talk about books and “the feels.” But I moved in 2015 and didn’t get to see her as often so I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about books. So I decided to make a book blog.

[Well, there are a bunch of book lovers here, Yasmin. So I hope you aren’t feeling alone in any sort of way! 🙂 ]

ME: Have you always been interested in reading or did it develop over time?

YASMIN: I’ve always been interested in reading. When I was little I’d read a lot of books.
However when I was eight/nine I didn’t really read as much, until I read Harry Potter and like most people I started to read a lot after that.

[That is also around the same time I stopped reading. But I didn’t read Harry Potter (and still haven’t) to get out of that LONG reading slump, lol.]

ME: Besides reading and blogging, what else do you do with your spare time? 

YASMIN: I spend a lot of my time listening to music and dancing, terribly, in my room. I also love taking photos, photography is a passion of mine. I love making things out of paper, card or recycled jars.

[Oh my goodness, we have so much in common! Dancing terribly, singing, & listening to music is my all time favorite thing to do when I am feeling poopy. Also, I love taking photos & being crafty!]

ME: Would you rather read only one book a year & remember everything or read 100 books a year and remember nothing?

YASMIN: For me the answer is obvious, read only one book a year and remember everything. Only if it’s a good book though

ME: Since it is the beginning of a new year, can you share a 2016 resolution? (book related, life related, blog related, etc.)

YASMIN: Studying more? I’m taking IGCSE next year and I really don’t want to fail.

[I am sure you aren’t going to fail. You are very intelligent — you’ll be just fine. But studying more doesn’t hurt 😉 ]

Yasmin & I have so much in common it is ridiculous. I am very glad I got to know Yasmin a lot more — she is smart, creative, & all together pretty awesome. So I really do recommend you check out her blog & chat with her a little because I am sure she’ll bring no harm (unless she has super powers that she’s not telling any about…? Jkay.) But anyways, I love her, she’s great, go zoom by her blog & say hello!

You can find Yasmin on any of the social media listed below (and of course her blog). Just click on the icon and it’ll take you straight to her profile. Or, you can search her username on the individual site:





Thank you a bunch to Yasmin, again, for taking the time to chat with me and share yourself more with the blogging community. I enjoyed talking with you a little bit and getting to know you more as a person and as a blogger.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…





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8 responses to “Feature with Followers | #9

  1. I didn’t realise we had so much in common. Thank you so much for doing this.

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  2. Nice idea having wee chats with fellow bloggers.

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  3. This is a really great and positive feature! Love it!

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