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Captivating Covers [#30]


Random Quote of the Day: “I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.” –
Oprah Winfrey

Hello sunshines! 🔆 I am back with another Captivating Covers post! Captivating Covers is a meme created by me — @JBelkBooks. Every week or so, I share a cover of a novel that I find to be Captivating. It doesn’t have to be one you’ve read, just one that you enjoy! You can add your own twist to it, but I like to include the book synopsis & book details. So, I created this meme to share my findings with you all! 📚



Author: Una LaMarche

Genre: Young-Adult, Contemporary

Published: November 1st, 2016

I’ve become aware of how much I love silhouettes, and how much better they make book covers in my opinion. I’m not really sure what this book is about hence I only picked it because of the cover, but I’ll share the synopsis with you guys down below! I am aware that it doesn’t have the BEST ratings, but I still say give it a read and let me know what you think! (:

⬇️Want to read the synopsis? Check it out below!⬇️

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