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Tomorrow Is My Two Year Blogiversary! | July Wrap-Up


Random Quote of the Day: “When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision.” – Lord Falkland

Hello sunshines! 🔆 It breaks my heart to realize that it is almost August. August = school = horror. But as the title of this posts says, tomorrow is my Blogiversary, so that makes this upcoming month a little better!! ✨



MY RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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It is no surprise that I only read one novel this month that isn’t even an ACTUAL novel, but a graphic novel. I thought this was going to take me out of my slump, but it looks like I have to read a different novel to do that. I do have a review planned for this one later on in the week so stay tuned for that! I started reading 21 Proms, which is consisted of short stories by multiple authors, so we’ll see if that novel does the trick.

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Which Cover Wednesday [#32]


Random Quote of the Day: “You never find yourself until you face the truth.” – Pearl Bailey 

Hello sunshines! 🔆 I am currently listening to the Moana soundtrack and it makes me so happy to be typing this post for some reason!! P.S. if you haven’t watched Disney’s movie, Moana, GO WATCH IT!!!

Anyways, today I am back with a WHICH COVER WEDNESDAY post!! You guys have been really active with these posts, so thank YOU so much!! ❤ Let’s get on with the post!



Image result for versus icon


FIRST COVER! I love how high the resolution of the graphics is. The second cover looks kind of blurry in my opinion even though it does look a bit bad-ass!!

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Oh Shoot, It’s Already July?? | July BWWU


Random Quote of the Day: “When you’re through changing, you’re through.” – Bruce Barton

Hello sunshines! 🔆 So, funny story: I was (finally) planning out future posts and I start typing away, getting in the groove and all. It isn’t until I preblog 5 different posts that I notice that it’s NO LONGER JUNE. This is how you know summer break has really messed with my brain. 😅

FullSizeRender (62)

  • Unlike last month, I am trying to be more active this month hence I am actually writing a blog post. I got a random urge to blog today, and it actually feels pretty good.
  • MY ETSY SHOP HAS LAUNCHED!! If you haven’t seen my spam on Twitter or Instagram lately, A SKETCH OF JESS is now LIVE and ready for you! I’ve gotten several forms of support from family and friends already and it is JUST the beginning! Check out my shop HERE and possibly give it a LIKE? 🎉


  • Later on this week I get to visit UC Berkeley for two days for the Experience Berkeley Program!! I am super excited to get a kick-start for my senior year — wish me luck! (:
  • I am taking senior pictures the beginning of next week and I am somewhat excited/anxious? 📷 If anyone has any ideas to involve my blog/reading/the arts into my pictures, feel free to suggest!
  • I just realized I NEVER posted about the Everything, Everything Giveaway that I won in June!! I was super surprised to hear that I won and I was very excited to have won these goodies! Thank you, Forever Young Adult! 💗 I ended up winning a $25 Gift Card, the Everything, Everything Movie Edition Novel, an EE Tank Top, &an EE backpack!


  • I am planning on starting a bullet journal! If anyone would like to see a flip-through of my bullet journal, comment down below and I would be happy to do so!

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My Etsy Shop is Live!!


Random Quote of the Day: “That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you.” – A. Whitney Brown

Hello sunshines! 🔆 I have an exciting announcement for you all!! It’s only taken me a few months and a TON of research, but my ETSY SHOP IS NOW LIVE!!

If you don’t know what ETSY is, it is an online marketplace for individuals to express their creativity by putting their products on sale for others to see.

“An Etsy Economy empowers artists, designers and curators to start and grow businesses on their own terms. It’s an ecosystem that connects buyers around the world to the communities where Etsy shop owners live, work and create.”

Etsy LogoA SKETCH OF JESS is a place for anyone of any age to shop for some awesome paintings! Products include paintings of all sizes and styles, and I am extremely happy to be sharing them within my community AND internationally!

Right now, shipping costs are all their all time LOW starting at $4.67 USD. These rates will increase/decrease for those that are international, but Etsy allows you calculate the cost when you click on the item you want. Of course, I am always here to offer ANY information or concerns you may have for all I want is customer satisfaction!

If you can’t purchase anything for yourself, that is always okay! It would mean the world to me if you would still visit my shop and give it a “Like” for it still shows that you like what you see!

Thank you SO much for your endless support, and again, CHECK OUT MY SHOP!! ❤

P.S. I’m running this poll right now on Twitter and I’d love YOUR input as well. If you don’t have Twitter, feel free to comment your response below. Here’s the question I proposed:



Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…




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Same Old, Same Old | June Wrap-Up


Random Quote of the Day: “Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day.” – Albert Camus

Hello sunshines! 🔆 It is the start of a new month and the LAST entire month until my summer comes to an end (unfortunately). However, I still have lots planned for this month so I am going to try and make the best out of it!

As seen by the title of this post, nothing much has changed. I’ve literally been semi-lazy this past month hence the lack of posts. I haven’t been in the mood to read, type…do anything and I’m trying not to let that overtake my mind because I know I deserve a break…I think?

However throughout all this I HAVE been progressing with my ETSY SHOP!! You guys will all know when my Shop is live and I am extremely excited to start it up! With that being said I have been painting a ton, but I won’t be sharing those today since they will ALL be live soon enough. SO stay tuned!! ❤

You’d think that with me not being active that much on the internet that I’d have much more to say, but I really don’t and I guess that’s kind of sad. But anyways, I’d love to know what you guys are up to! Chat with me in the comments and let me know what you’ve been reading!! I picked up MORE HAPPY THAT NOT by Adam Silvera a few days ago but obviously I haven’t been reading it.



And that is all for the month of June! Apologies this post was kind of dull, but you can make it awesome if YOU comment down below how YOUR life has been! (:

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…





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Summer Time! | June BWWU


Random Quote of the Day: “A doctor saves lives — It’s up to people to create lives that are worth saving.” – Philip Gold

Hello sunshines! 🔆 Where shall I start with this post? Decisions, decisions…

FullSizeRender (62)

  • I am officially on summer break!! 🏖 I’ve already done some extravagant things this summer as I am STARTING AN ETSY SHOP for my paintings!! Nothing is finalized yet, but when I am settled you guys will be the first to know!!
  • With that being said, that’s been the main reason why I haven’t been blogging as much. Lately I haven’t had much will power to blog, but I’m hoping by next week I’ll be back on my stuff.
  • I surpassed 500 WP followers!! 🎉🎉 I don’t know how this was possible as I was a ghost for almost a month, but I am still majorly appreciative and if I haven’t said hello to you yet, HELLO!! ❤


  • I am now the Vice President of Around the World club (at school) and Treasurer of Helping Hands club (also at school)!

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