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Image result for balloon flying gifHello sunshines! 🔆 Two years ago JBelkBooks was featured on the internet so all could see and I am so excited to say that it has been an amazing experience. It simply does not feel that I’ve been blogging and interacting with all of you for over 365 days — time has flown by so fast!


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Last year, I told myself I was planning to self-host, visit Book-Expo America, and expand my knowledge. As you can tell, I did not self-host yet simply because I haven’t gotten around to actually planning out a new layout. This task probably won’t be complete until next year or the new year if I’m being honest. As for BEA, that one was a stretch since it’s not located near me and it would be pretty expensive. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to go to BEA, but I’m hoping for the near future. The only task that I did somewhat complete is expanding my knowledge. I’ve become more active in promoting Diverse reads and doing my research before I purchased/read novels. It has been a journey for myself as I am beginning to read more #OwnVoices novels and really investing my time and money into indie authors, bookstores, and authors of color. Of course, I am still learning but I know that it’ll be an interesting and worthwhile educational opportunity.


While I do have other favorite posts for the year, these are the two that I have poured my heart and soul into. I hope you had the chance to visit and comment on these posts when they were Live, but if not, let that be my Blogiversary gift! Feel free to visit these posts and let me know that you’ve done so!


Screenshot (5).pngThis has to be one of my favorite discussion posts as it’s the first time I’ve actually expressed my thoughts surrounding Diversity in our novels. Posts like these are always risky in our society and community as not everyone will agree with your thoughts, but with the interactions I gained with the post, I can say that it was successful. Everyone in our community is continuously educating each other positively and it is an honor to be surrounded by such people. YOU have helped my blog and I grow and I am forever thankful.


Screenshot (6).png

This is another post near and dear to my heart. This is one of my first discussion posts that had phenomenal feedback and comments. I truthfully typed from the heart with that post and it made me extremely happy to know that you guys actually read the post. I definitely recommend that you visit that post and read what I had to say because I’m sure some of you will agree with my thoughts!

Now to what most of you are here for — yeah, I know, lol. But it’s okay because I love you guys! Today (August 1st, 2017) until September 1st, 2017 12:00 AM PST I will be giving away a $10 USD Amazon gift card! Giveaway is INT’L. You must be comfortable sending me your email address. Winner will be contacted following the end date — an additional winner will be chosen if initial winner is unresponsive for 48 hours.

✨ ALSO. If I reach 600 WP Blog Followers AND 950 Twitter Followers, I will be picking ANOTHER winner!! However, the second winner will be receiving a 5 USD Amazon gift card.✨ The more you share the giveaway, the better your chances!! ✨


I recommend that you use the giftcard for a Diverse novel, but it is not required. The book of choice can be #OwnVoices, feature mental illness, represent a culture or ethnicity, etc. If you need help in findings Diverse reads, here are a few of my favorites/anticipated:

lineThank you ALL for sticking by my blog and I! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for JBelkBooks! ❤

If you missed LAST YEAR’S Blogiversary Post, feel free to check it out HERE.

JBelkBooks is a blog for the lonely, the lovers, the readers, & anyone else willing to read what I have to say.

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…





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25 responses to “Happy Blogiversary To Me! + GIVEAWAY | Two Years and Counting

  1. Happy Blogiversary!!! ❤ I love my blog's anniversaries more than my own and even though I only had one so far, I am really looking forward to next year. It just brings me so much joy knowing that I stuck with something for a long time and actually made some progress along the way 🙂

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  2. Happy Blogiversary!! ❤ My two year one was recently as well, guess we started blogging around the same time! 😀

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  3. Happy blogiversary, Jess! I’m so glad you reached this milestone, it is so great you’re still blogging and loving it. I also love the two blog posts you showcasted here, they are among my favorite of yours for sure 🙂 Also, LOVE your recs at the end of the blog post – I want to get The Hate U Give and We are okay sometime soon, I heard so many great things about both books 😀

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  4. congrast,i will pick miles morales ya novel

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  5. Happy, happy bloggiversary! Two years, wow!! What a lot of great book reviews you’ve done, and you have one of the best-looking blogs around.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy Blogoversary to you! Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations! Two years, wow! That’s amazing. Here’s to achieving all your goals and many more years!

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