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Random Quote of the Day: “Keeping score of old scores and scars, getting even and one-upping, always make you less than you are.” – Malcolm Forbes

Hello sunshines and Happy Monday! 🔆 I thought I’d start this week with a fun little tag: THE BUCKET LIST TAG! When I was younger I was completely obsessed with bucket lists, and now that I get to list a few I am pretty excited! (;

This tag was created by Serenity Books. THE RULES:

  • Write the rules in your post
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Write ten things that you wish to do in the future
  • Tag 5 other bloggers to do this tag

P.S. I wasn’t tagged by anyone, lol. No surprise! xD


[1.] See Adele in concert. Now, I know she has a child and she’s probably not going to be hosting any concerts anytime soon, but I still have my hopes!

[2.] Visit the Van Gogh Museum. If you’ve been here for a while you know Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters of all time, so to be able to see all of his works in one room is extremely ideal!! I also want to go to Amsterdam, so that’s a two in one deal!

[3.] Have my own in-home library. This is pretty self-explanatory as every book lover probably wants this as well.

[4.] Go to Africa. I have always wanted to visit Africa just for fun or even for a volunteer program — I feel like it would be a culture-shock but also an amazing experience.

[5.] Touch/see an elephant in its natural habitat. Yes, I’ve seen elephants at my local amusement parks/zoos but it’s not the same as seeing is on it’s own, doing its own thing! I’ve always wanted to ride them as well, lol.

[6.] Get a tattoo. Ever since I was maybe in elementary school I’ve been fascinated by tattoos and how diverse they can be. I am definitely not the friendliest when it comes to needles, but when the time comes I’ll brace myself! I’ve always liked how complex or simple they can be as well.

[7.] To be able to purchase/give anything to my parents that they desire. My parents mean so much to me, and if there’s anybody that deserves the world it’s them. They’ve given me everything to help me survive, and now I want to return the favor! 💗

[8.] Go to a restaurant/the theater by myself. I know this is kind of odd, but I’ve never done this before because it has always felt kind of…weird? But I heard it’s good for a person to experience individuality sooo…

[9.] Travel all of California. I’ve lived in CA my whole life and I have never been throughout all of the state! I know there is so much more to see so this is a goal of mine!

[10.] Become confident and happy.


I don’t know about you, but bucket lists really do make me excited for my future. If you are ever feeling down or bored or adventurous, sit down and write a bucket list — I promise you won’t regret it! 😇

As always, feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to take part in this tag! Just make sure to tag me in the post so I can see your post! (:

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…






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7 responses to “The Bucket List Tag!

  1. What a lovely tag! I’d love to visit Africa too 😊 and I had going to Amsterdam to the van Gogh museum for the longest time- I finally went last November!! And now I want to go back again! Hope you get to tick everything off your list 😀

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  3. when I get paid the first time, even if it is just a part time job, I’m going to buy my mum a big bouquet of flowers. I’ve had this idea for ages and I just want to give her something beautiful
    – Yasmin

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