Feature with Followers [#23]


Random Quote of the Day: “Be to her virtues very kind. Be to her faults a little blind.” – Matthew Prior

Hello sunshines! ☀ I am back with another Feature with Followers post to showcase yet another beautiful blogger in out community!

For those of you that are new to JBelkBooks, Feature with Followers is a meme created by JBelkBooks (me) in which I will be showcasing one of my AMAZING followers. This gives me an opportunity to really get to know them and give them a chance to get their blogs out there in the community. As always, FWF is open for any bloggers to take part in, so if you are interested in spreading love & kindness for your followers, be sure to try FWF out! (:


Right-arrow Purple Clip Art ABOUT RAE:  Hi I’m Rae. 23. I live on the east coast of the U.S. and I blog about books and feminism.

Learn more about Rae with our Q&A!

raeME: When did your blogging journey begin and why did you decide to start?

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art RAE: I started blogging about a year and a half ago. I decided that I would start a book blog because only a select few of my friends read regularly and I wanted to be able to talk about the books that I’ve read with other people. I also love getting book recommendations and being introduced to new authors. Most of the books that I read in a year are recommended. My TBR has doubled in size but it’s worth it. I’ve gotten a lot of good recommendations and have really enjoyed being able to share this blog with other people.

ME: I noticed you have a YouTube channel as well. Do you prefer blogging over YouTube or would you say they are pretty equal?

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art R: I definitely enjoy blogging more. I haven’t uploaded much onto the YouTube channel aside from an introductory video. But writing is much less time consuming or stressful than filming and editing.

ME: Besides reading and blogging, what else do you do with your spare time?

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art R: I really enjoy Netflix of course (currently watching Parenthood), hanging out with friends, and spending time with my little brothers.

ME: What would you say your biggest goal is for this 2017?

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art R: My biggest goal for year is to officially start my career.. I’m sort of in that weird space between being a college student and working full time. So I’m hoping to start working full time over the next few months and go from there.

ME: And one last question just for fun: Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art R: I think I would rather live in the real world. Nothing is perfect and I don’t even think that having all of my wishes granted would be able to create a real difference. In this world I at least know that my actions can reach and affect people for the better.

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Please make sure to send a special “hello” to Rae when you get the chance! She has amazing content that you won’t want to miss. Plus, Rae constantly promotes feminism and diversity, so definitely stop by and take a look at her blog.

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art MY FAVORITE POST FROM RAE: Rae’s Rules to Remember #66: Stop apologizing to your readers [one of the most honest & true posts I’ve read]

Right-arrow Purple Clip Art FIND RAE IN THE MEDIA:





Image result for black history month tumblrThank you so much to Rae for taking the time to chat with me and share yourself with not just me, but also with the blogging community. 💜




Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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10 responses to “Feature with Followers [#23]

  1. I really love this feature and I just subscribed to her! By the way I tagged you for the This or That Book Tag (I know you’ve already done one, but it’s another one) http://www.arvenig.it/blog/this-or-that/

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  2. Reblogged this on bookmarkchronicles and commented:
    Hey friends! Jess over at JBelkBooks was kind enough to feature me in her “Feature with Followers” this week! Check it out and follow Jess’s blog if you haven’t already 🙂

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  3. Thank you again for this Jess 🙂

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  4. A good choice! I’m already a follower.

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  6. I’ve been following Rae for a while now and she has some really nice posts, I love how she reblogs posts, I think it’s a super cool way of sharing posts that you enjoyed with your followers
    – Yasmin

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