A First Time For Everything | JBelkBooks Speaks At A Panel


Random Quote of the Day: “To die is nothing; but it is terrible not to live.” – Victor Hugo

Hello sunshines! ☀ I am here on this glorious Saturday to share yet another awesome experience this 2017!

text1008726542Around mid-January, I had the opportunity of speaking at my first panel!! I was originally contacted by my local library to collect my prize for the Summer Reading Challenge, and the Young Adult Librarian found that I was also a blogger. So, she invited me to speak at this panel with two other local authors — Adelle Yueng and Jess Flower.


I must admit, I was pretty hesitant to say “yes”. I was never a big public speaker, and I don’t normally talk about my blog and books in general outside my closest friends/family. But, I also found that it was probably going to be worthwhile and a way for me to actually escape my comfort zone a little bit. With that being said, of course I eventually accepted!

text248349715The event started around 10:30 AM with Jennifer, the Young Adult Librarian, and her introductions of each of the panelists. And from there it was kind of like a Q&A and a general, scripted panel. I had my responses (mostly) practiced, so that was good thinking on my part. 🗯

I wasn’t expecting so many questions that I did get asked during the panel, so that was a little nerve-wrecking. 😶 I was like, “no ones interested in my opinion, why would they ask me questions??”. But, it was actually the opposite so that was pretty riveting. I was nervous in the beginning just because, like I said, I’m pretty shy. But once I got into it and more questions were asked, things got a little more manageable.

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I won’t got into complete detail, but I will say I was extremely happy at the end because I was able to get coffee and donuts 😂 After the panel, I was able to mingle more closely with those that attended, and I even received two novels to read and review from two authors that attended. I met a ton of people, passed out my business cards, and overall had a pretty intriguing time at my first panel! 😊

If you are interested in listening to the panel (and hearing me say “um” every five seconds), you can listen to it on YouTube or HERE.

You can also find a newspaper article about the event HERE.

Related imageI hope you all enjoyed me sharing this experience with you all! This event is definitely a highlight of 2017 ✨, and I hope in the near future that I get to share something even more awesome with you guys! ❤

Have you spoke at a panel before? What are your biggest accomplishments as a blogger? Chat with me in the comments!

Thank you to Jennifer, Adelle, Jess, and the Suisun Library for making the event amazing! Don’t forget to check out Adelle’s The Cycle of the Six Moons YA Fantasy and Jess’s novel, Red Bird.

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…






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7 responses to “A First Time For Everything | JBelkBooks Speaks At A Panel

  1. It’s amazing that you got the chance to speak at a panel. Congratulations! 😀 I’m glad that you had an amazing time, even if it was nerve-wracking. I have never spoken at a panel before, but it does sound like an interesting experience and it would be fun to do it. Though I’m not big on public speaking either, sooo I have no idea how it would actually turn out to be! XD

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  2. This is so cool, Jess! So glad to hear that you’ve had such an amazing experience – it sounds like the panel went well, and I’m excited to give it a listen when I have the time. ❤

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  3. This is amazing! It sounds like this was a really rewarding experience (I mean, aside from the coffee and donuts). I applaud you for doing something completely out of your comfort zone.

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