Time To Talk About Things We Hate…(+ Love)


Random Quote of the Day: “What worries you masters you.” – Haddon W. Robinson

Hello sunshines!🔆 This tag makes me overly excited for some reason, and I think I might be crazy. This tag, The Love/Hate Tag, calls for making a list of things that you, as an individual, hate AND love! It can be anything — book related, life related, that one person you saw a few days ago that did a good deed…

So, if you are feeling gloomy, angry, agitated…this tag is for you — talk about those pet-peeves or your favorite bagel flavor!! I won’t be tagging anyone because I wasn’t necessarily tagged (don’t tell the Tag Police), but feel free to consider yourself tagged & link me to your post! Without further ado, here are 10 things I Hate 💔 & 10 Things I Love! ❤️


Image result for purple arrow When people in public don’t clean up after themselves. DID YOUR PARENTS NOT RAISE YOU TO RESPECT YOUR LIVING SPACE!?

Image result for purple arrow Messy tables, desks, etc. Whenever I go to restaurants, I always make sure my table has some sort of organization.

Related imageImage result for purple arrow Being late. Not only when I’m late, but when others are late as well. If a movie starts at 4:30, I want to be at the theatre at 4. Most people when they go to school don’t mind if they are late — I, on the other hand, literally freak out in my mind.

Image result for purple arrow Rude people. Be nice to people, it’s not that hard. Say excuse me in a big crowd, push in your chair, don’t BLOCK THE HALLWAY WHEN PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET TO CLASS.

Image result for purple arrow “You’re only 7. What do you mean you are sad?” Or in simpler words, downgrading someone because of their age. Age doesn’t determine what an individual has experienced or the level of their emotions. Don’t tell people how they should feel.

Image result for purple arrow Image result for waking up early gifWaking up early. Now, this isn’t ALWAYS, but most of the time waking up early does not resonate with my mentality. ⏰

Image result for purple arrow Dry skin. If my skin is dry, I moisturize like there’s no tomorrow.

Image result for purple arrow Racists, prejudices, abusers, etc. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Image result for purple arrow Wearing socks and stepping on something wet. I did that yesterday and it was the worst thing ever.

Image result for purple arrow When people don’t practice what they preach. 


Image result for purple arrow Coffee. Coffee is great.

Image result for purple arrow Books. Books are great…and addicting. 📚

Image result for purple arrow Collecting journals that I don’t end up using. Journals are so pretty and I just love the smell of them. (don’t judge me…)

Image result for purple arrow Macaroni & Cheese, Ice Cream, FOOD. 🍕🍟🍧

Image result for bookstores gifImage result for purple arrow Bookstores. They smell great, I am surrounded by books, everyone around me share a common passion…it’s like heaven!

Image result for purple arrow Giving gifts 🎁. When I have the opportunity to buy/make things for people, I always put forward my best effort. And when they receive their gifts it is the most wonderful feeling ever.

Image result for purple arrow Stationary stores, like Michael’s. I always buy things I don’t need in these stores, but it’s okay. This is the main reason why I have a bunch of pens, notebooks, etc.

Image result for purple arrow Listening to music when I’m sad, happy, etc. 🎧 Music puts me in any mood that I want to be, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Image result for purple arrow Quotes. I’ve had this thing with quotes for the longest time…I literally own a quote book. #noregrets

Image result for purple arrow My family. My greatest supporters, my biggest pain in the ass, my loves. 💞

Related image

That was such a fun tag!! I highly advise that if you do take upon this tag, write the list for things you hate first, then the ones you love. Because 1.) it calmed me down and 2.) it was kind of refreshing to realize how much I actually DO love! So, yes, that is the Love/Hate Tag! Like I said before, consider yourself tagged!

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…




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12 responses to “Time To Talk About Things We Hate…(+ Love)

  1. I love your post I think the same in almost everything, above all I hate unpunctuality, I’m like the most punctual person in the world so it bothers me a lot when my friends tell me that we will meet at 4 and don’t arrive until 5 :(, I love coffee and giving gifts too, yay! 🙂

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  2. I hate it when people leave their rubbish everywhere! It makes me so upset. At restaurants, I hate it when people say ‘but the waiters are paid to clean up our table’ like yes they are but 1. they aren’t getting paid a lot 2. that doesn’t mean you can’t make their job easier!
    I 100% agree with you when it comes to people thinking that children and teens opinions on things don’t matter just because they’re young. Our feelings and opinions are real, don’t try to dismiss them because of our age, the same goes for when people don’t answer childrens questions properly, eg. when it comes to LGBTQIA+, relationships etc. like if they’re old enough to ask the question then they’re old enough to know the answer.
    Macaroni and cheese is sooo good! I love it so much, only when done well. Because the other day I had some mediocre mac and cheese and I was so sad. Also ice cream and coffee, just yum. Coffee flavoured ice cream is so good, I had one the other day and it had whole coffee beans in it and it was exciting!
    I love going stationary shopping! I also love decorating my books for the school year. I love covering the insides of my binders with pictures of things I love, I find it so relaxing.
    – Yasmin

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  3. I HATE being late too. I am habitually early everywhere I go because I cannot stand the anxiety I have over arriving late.

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