Top Ten Tuesday [#34]


Random Quote of the Day: “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.” – Frank Leahy

Hello sunshines! 🔆 This week’s Top10T topic is Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to). I thought this was a funny topic for this week because it just reminds me of all the books that I have on my endless TBR *sigh* Oh well.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will post a new Top Ten List. This list includes topics such as ‘my top ten favorite authors’ or ‘my top ten books of this month’. The topics will change, so make sure you stay tuned for each week! Feel free to comment or link your Top Ten Tuesday lists below and I’ll be more than happy to check them out!

Image result for the first time she drowned[1.] The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter. I have the audiobook of this one, and I still have YET to pick it up. I heard it’s a really good read, and is emotional…So I have to prepare myself before reading this!

[2.] Never Never: Part Three by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher. I have read Part One & Two, and I JUST got Part Three for Christmas, so I have an excuse!

[3.] See Me by Nicholas Sparks. Sparks coming out with a new novel?! I had to get my hands on it, and once I did I stored it away on my shelves and totally forgot about it read other things.

[4.] Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell. I got this via a fellow blogger and I told myself I was going to read it since it’s such a short novel, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Image result for what light by jay asher[5.] What Light by Jay Asher. I received an ARC of this one at YALLWest and I was so excited because I love Asher. But, again, never got to it (a common theme for all of these novels).

[6.] Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall. This novel has such a beautiful cover & it has phenomenal ratings on Goodreads. I’ve heard nothing but great things, but I don’t own URTS yet!

[7.] P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. This was sent via Uppercase, and this is actually one of few books sent last year that I was intending to read (because it’s a contemporary, of course). 😉

[8.] Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. Another sent via Uppercase, but I only wanted to read this one because there was so much hype around it. But, looks like the hype wasn’t HYPE enough!!

27158835[9.] You Know Me Well by Nina Lacour & David Levithan. I love both, Lacour & Levithan, and I know this novel will be an amazing read. I just got it for Christmas as well, so it WILL be read in 2017!

[10.] Summer Days & Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories by Stephanie Perkins (+ other authors). I read My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories & it was interesting reading so many short stories by a variety of authors. I was so close to purchasing this one, but when I was going to, BookOutlet went out of stock — curse you, BookOutlet! Just kidding, I love BookOutlet. ❤

Related image

Hey! I actually reached 10 this time; I deserve a high-five. It hurts my heart knowing I have yet to read all of those amazing novels, but it’s okay, because 2017 has just started and it still gives me time to add more novels to my endless TBR that means I can read SO much more!

Have you read of the novels I listed? What are some 2016 releases that you didn’t get to, but wanted to? Are you excited for some 2017 releases? Chat with me in the comments! 💬

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…




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11 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday [#34]

  1. Everyone is so hyped about «Windwitch» coming out this month (even me!) so it’s definitely something I am planning to read this year.. at some point .. I am sure of it.. 😀

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  2. Great list! I included You Know Me Well on my list too! Hopefully I can read it soon too. I actually quite enjoyed What Light too, it’s such an adorable read.

    My TTT

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  3. The only book I’ve read on this list is Truthwitch 😆 it’s a good read! I can’t wait to here what you think of it!
    – Yasmin

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  4. Great choices! You should be able to read URTS soon 😉 P.S. I Like You is another one I could’ve included on my list this week. Honestly, my TTT this week could’ve easily included 50 books, hahaha. I read Truthwitch but didn’t like it too much. I think there was just too much hype and my expectations were set too high 😛 I hope you like it, though. Hopefully you’re able to get to a bunch of these soon and enjoy them all!

    Here’s my TTT if you’re interested and haven’t seen it yet:

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    • Hahah, I know right!! (thanks to a certain someone 😊) I totally understand about this week’s TTT — it was so hard shortening my list to ONLY 10 xD Perks of having endless TBRs!!

      I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Truthwitch, so I’m semi-excited to see what I think of it. I’m not much of a Fantasy-lover, so we’ll see how it goes! However there is a lot of hype surrounding Windwitch, too, so…it has to be somewhat good (?)

      Thanks for linking me to your TTT!! I’ll definitely check it out (:

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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