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The Art of Writing:  Breaking All the Rules

With Nanowrimo closing in fast, and the release of my book, The Naked Tree, in just a couple of days, this has topic has really been heavy on my mind. Think of it as a Nano/#readdiversebooks pep talk!

Books are cool. They’re portals into different worlds. Time travel exists. You can be and do anything without any limitations. Words are life. Whether spoken or written, the art of storytelling has fueled humanity since the beginning of time. However, it is my deep seeded opinion that writing was never meant to be a “job”.

It was meant to be a passion, an art, a release. So when did it become this industry of so many hard and fast rules?

Don’t use fragments. Don’t head hop. Be sure there is a clear ending (ambiguity is only for the greats). NO CAPS EVER. No dream sequences. The story must be linear with a definable beginning, middle, and end. You’re required to fit neatly into one genre! Can you tell I’m a little perturbed?

The inspiration for this guest post stems from a comment I received from another author literally telling me that I wasn’t allowed to do something in my writing. My method was wrong and then they proceeded to tell me the “right” way to write my story.

Now, I understand that helpful hints and tips on how to craft your story so that it’s complete are important. That I’m perfectly okay with, but to say that a certain element is wrong, or doesn’t fit in with a certain genre, or that you must hire a professional book interior designer in order to be successful, just feels wrong. It’s like putting shackles on a wolf!

We should be encouraging our fellow creative souls to embrace every part of their creative minds. Learn how to design an awesome book cover. Learn the ins and outs of formatting your manuscript. You should listen to tried and true advice, yes, but to an extent. Dare to be different and embrace every part of yourself.

How do you think classics got to be classics? Because they were different. Someone had to be the first to write about vampires. Someone had to be first to harness the wonderfulness of writing stream of consciousness.  There’s something in your quirky, creative mind that hasn’t been done. Tap into that and use it, regardless of what “the man” says!

So, if you love the art of writing, write. If you love reading, read, but don’t limit the craft by putting it in a box with thousands of other carbon copies. Be original. Don’t strive to write the next great American (insert native country here) novel, and don’t strive to read what everyone else is reading just so you can be added to the box of the similarities. Let your experiences change and mold you and dare to break all the rules and once again discover the art of words.

Rant over! That being said, thanks so much to JBelkBooks for having me here today! I hope you all will check out my latest book baby, The Naked Tree! A young adult, science fiction type book.

About the Author

Displaying Photo on 2-8-16 at 2.40 PM #3.jpgAfter thousands of hours procrastinating, several hundred gallons of coffee and tea, and endless prayers, Morgan has finally produced a physical book that is now in your hands. Ever since she was a little girl she has always been fascinated with the written word and has wanted to be an author. Morgan received her bachelor of arts degree in creative writing from Kansas State University. It was only in 2013 when she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior that she found her purpose for writing and discovered that her ministry would be to present the glory of God through fiction. Morgan Lee currently lives in Kansas City with her family.

Connect with Morgan Lee!

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About the Book

Displaying Naked-final.jpgLife is just a Vapor…

if you were blessed enough to have them that is.

Colette has lived the last seventeen years of her life being hidden away and choosing to hide herself. Colette is a part of a class of people who are even lower than the animals they herd. They are Vaporless. Defects in a perfect world. And Colette was the worse one of them. After the vicious leaders, Eviya, Levi and Adamek of the Triunity put out a bounty for the blood of the Vaporless no one is safe. Disaster has struck. The Tree of Knowl is failing and the once beautiful Vapors are now killing their hosts. A solution must be found and that solution is to sacrifice the Vaporless to the Tree in an effort to appease it so that it will reverse the curse it placed.

Now on the run, Colette meets Rowan and Holden leaders of a well known rebellion group who call themselves R.H.I.S.K. With the help of Rowan, Holden, Anastasia, Kofi, and Kimaya, Colette hatches a plan to discover a way to save themselves and the Vaporless from destruction. When the group enters into the Province Ilan they find themselves the knights of an ancient war. A risky mission over the Edge. A mysterious device called the Eloi. And a war that will shake the very foundation that they have known.

And the story all starts with a single naked tree.

Purchase the book here!

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Morgan Lee is giving away a “mystery book” plus a signed copy of her book, The Naked Tree! Click the link down below & GOOD LUCK! 

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…






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2 responses to “Guest Post | YA SCI-FI Author: Morgan Lee + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. I agree with so many things said here about writing and how individualized the writing process is to a specific person. This touched with me on so many levels. Thank you for sharing! Happy reading. ♥

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