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Hello sunshines! This discussion topic has been in my drafts for so, so, SO long, and I thought it was about time that I share my thoughts on Why You Should…

Comment Like You Care.jpg

Image result for sigh gifWhen I started blogging, the FIRST thing I did was follow & comment on a TON of blogs. Now, I must admit…I only commented on so many blogs in the beginning because I wanted to get noticed. And now that I look back on that, I regret doing so. I should’ve Commented Like I Cared. I did comment on a lot of different blogs, but I don’t think I put so much effort into them, and that’s really unfortunate. But, I HAVE learned from my mistakes, and I am very proud and happy to say that I now Comment Like I Care.

Now, you might be thinking, “Jesalin, what do you mean by ‘Comment Like You Care’???” Well, here are a few tips that will help you understand:

  • ACTUALLY READ FELLOW BLOGGER’S POSTS!!! Don’t just comment randomly and say, “hey, I like this post!” I know some people may appreciate that and I understand, but at least take the audacity to READ the post and maybe give advice or reflect on what the blogger mentioned.
  • DON’T SEND 1 SENTENCE COMMENTS!!! Comments are comments — yes, I understand this. But if the comment just says, “Great post!”, I don’t really know how to respond to that other than to say “Thank you”. And I don’t know about you guys, but I actually enjoy conversing with other people via comments, so when the comment is that short, I am kind of disappointed.

Image result for commenting is caring gif

  • RETURN THE FAVOR. People comment out of the kindness of their hearts (at least I do), so take the time and return the favor — comment on their posts…let them know that you appreciate them doing so. Commenting can be a hassle & very time consuming — believe me, I know. But again, it’s part of the blogging process, so if they take the time, so should you.
  • COMMENTS INTRODUCE FRIENDSHIPS. Commenting should not be a chore, and I know sometimes it can feel that way. But when you comment on a friend’s post or even some random blogger, you can enhance your friendship, and I think that’s pretty awesome!! I’ve met some AMAZING people because they or I decided to comment and again, that’s pretty cool if you ask me.
  • JOIN CHALLENGES/CLUBS THAT ENCOURAGE COMMENTING. Last year when my blog was more fetus than it already is, I only commented “here and there”. So this year I decided to take upon the Commenting 365 Challenge. It’s fun and also very challenging, but also WORTH the effort and time!

Image result for keeping up with the kardashians gifsSo I guess what I’m saying is that I know how time-consuming commenting/commenting back can be — any blogger can relate to that. But that’s really what this community is about and it’s a dedication that you have to be willing to make when you start blogging.*

Since I have started Commenting Like I Care, I’ve had some fantastic conversations with people that I can now call my friends, and that was all because I took the time to comment back or visit their blog and READ their posts. Everyone has something different to share in the blogging community, so GO EXPLORE. GO VISIT RANDOM BLOGS. GO FOLLOW THEM. And most importantly, LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU CARE.


Do you Comment Like You Care?? Do you agree/disagree with anything I’ve expressed? Have you joined any Commenting Challenges?? I was thinking of typing up another post relating to advice on Commenting in general, so if you guys want to see that post too, let me know! Chat with me in the comments because COMMENTING IS CARING. 💗

*I did want to mention that I am not posting this to bash on anyone — it’s your blog and it’s your time, so take the advice as you wish. This is a discussion post after all, so all opinions are welcomed!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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30 responses to “How/Why to Comment Like You Care | Chat with JBelkBooks

  1. Lia

    I agree with all said! Commenting is very important, but I don’t do it because I’m “supposed to”, I just really like it!
    Also I don’t comment back, but I do follow back. So if someone follows me they are very likely to get a comment every now and then.
    I love how you add a random fact to each post! It reminds me of my favourite book (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) 🙂

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  2. Commenting can definitely be difficult. On one hand, I think everyone agrees that thoughtful comments are good. (And reading the post is a must. Beyond generic “great post” comments, i sometimes get ones that look like the commenter read only the first two sentences and then replied to what they assumed the post said, not what it actually said. It always leaves me scratching my head.)

    However, there’s also a growing “You should reciprocate” comments trend.”And I’m not against this. I do try to reciprocate comments. However, the idea that you should comment on many blogs and visit the blogs of everyone who visits yours AND leave immensely thoughtful comments everywhere….well, it’s time-consuming. I do my best, but I get busy in life and sometimes don’t comment around as much. It’s a hard balance to strike.

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    • Oh yeah, I totally agree! Having a balance between commenting on others AND commenting back can be quite time consuming and sometimes I find myself going on an extreme “comment back” spree xD I think it’s just important and helpful to at least set some time aside (which can again, be difficult) to comment. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, Briana! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment 😀

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  3. I didn’t even know there were commenting challenges?! What? Sign me up please!

    But I totally understand what you mean, I think we all go through the phase of “OMG I need to comment more!” and it is incredibly time consuming.

    When I started my blog, all I wanted is a place where my thought would look “pretty”, it was more for me than for anyone else. Then I started to meet more people that liked the same books, had similar opinions and it became more and more about community (that I absolutely love) 🙂

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    • Well I’ve seen a couple Commenting Challenges, but the one I’m taking part in is Commenting 365 (you can find info. about that on my “2016 Challenges” section of my blog) 🙂 However, for me it has DEFINITELY been a “challenge” this year to comment on as many blogs as possible, so if you do decide to join in on the fun, I wish you the best of luck! xD

      I totally agree!! I, too, just wanted a space that I could make my own and share my thoughts with others. But like you, I met some pretty amazing people along the way and that changed my experience all together 🙂

      Thank you for commenting on this discussion post, Alex! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and read my post 😀

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  4. This was a great idea for a discussion post! I definitely agree that people should leave meaningful comments. I try my best to comment as often as I can on blogs and it is very time consuming, but definitely worth it. I’m a member of Bloggers Commenting Back, so I always respond when someone comments on my blog, but I don’t necessarily live by the motto “I owe you a comment”. I feel I do pretty well commenting on others posts and I love interacting with fellow bloggers. I had no idea about the Commenting Challenge! It sounds fun! And definitely something I’d be interested in doing!! Love the post and would absolutely be interested in seeing your Commenting Advice post. 😊❤️

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    • Thank you so much, Megan!! I’m glad fellow bloggers are agreeing with what I expressed via this post. I, too, am a member of Bloggers Commenting Back so I’d like to think I do a pretty good job commenting back! I think I could definitely try and comment on more blogs more often, and that’s why I joined the Commenting 365 Challenge. It’s been really fun so far, but I have to say it really has been a “challenge” xD I hope you take part in some Commenting Challenges this upcoming new year 🙂

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts with me, Megan! ❤

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  5. I love this post so much! I agree, meaningful comments are the best ones, obviously, but sometimes it takes a lot and a lot of time, and even if I wish I could comment on every blog, well…. I can’t ahah. I like to comment back as well to people who especially took time to answer to my blog post and obviously wrote a meaningful comment as well. We can make so many friends thanks to this 🙂 ❤

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    • Thaaaank you, Marie! Just trying to type up posts as AMAZING as yours 😀

      I agree that commenting on EVERY blog is very difficult and very time consuming, and I think that’s why I joined the 365 Commenting Challenge, just so I made sure that I at least TRIED to visit more blogs and comment 🙂 However, it has definitely been a “challenge” on my part this past year!

      And yes, the more friends the better the experience..I mean, I met you via comments so I am completely thankful ❤

      -Jess @jbelkbooks


  6. hi I like your post!
    AHAH just kidding sorry 😉
    You are so right in everything here! I actually go and comment on blog because 1) I like to read what other people express and 2) I like to get comments and I like to make people happy so I figured going and reading/commenting on other people post would be the best thing to do 🙂
    I’m a very anxious person, especially towards people, even on the internet, but I try to do my best to respond to people and to comment on blogpost that are interesting to me, plus if I find a post I totally disagree with I just close the tab and go elsewhere!

    And I didn’t know challenges like that existed 😮

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    • Hahah, that made me laugh xD But yes, I think in order to receive comments, you also have to put in the effort and I think some people forget that! I, too, am a pretty anxious person (maybe a little less on the internet), but I’m thankful to be able to comment on other’s posts and become friends with some of them 😀

      Thank you for commenting, Lucille — I really appreciate it!!

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  7. This is super useful for people just getting started, and even those of us that have been here a while! It’s a great way to get to know new people!

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  9. Great post, Jess! And so much wisdom in here too – sometimes I can’t help but to leave one-sentence comments but I do try to make sure it’s relevant to the post content and isn’t just “Great review/post! Thanks for sharing!”. It makes me feel all warm inside whenever someone leaves a thoughtful comment on my post, so I try to return the favour whenever I can. Of course, sometimes real life gets in the way, but the intention is there! 😂

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    • Thank you, Reg! I completely agree & understand what you mean — life is crazy and we always don’t have time to comment back effectively, or comment back in general. It’s definitely the thought that counts 🙂 Thank you for commenting — I really appreciate it! ❤

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  12. Came here through your Blogiversary-post – obviously – because it really did seem like an interesting post to read!

    I’ve only been blogging for about 6 weeks, but I’ve caught myself sometimes typing “Nice review!” and wanting to press send, then thinking.. nope.. I need to say more than that.
    It’s never because I just skimmed the post – or did not read it at all – but because I genuinely think it’s a nice review and don’t know what else to say about it. [Happens often if I see a lot of reviews on the same book and I just feel like I’m repeating myself a hundred times, haha.]

    Most of the times my comments are half-rants, though. Or filled with – kind of – useless information [ex: my boyfriend giving me the stink-eye every time he sees me staring at a bookstore] and then I contemplate just erasing it, saying thanks for the review and hopping to another post. But that’s just me and my overthinking, mostly. [Even though there are some bloggers out there who reply with a “Thanks for stopping by” when I typed out a huge comment to their blog and then I’m like.. Okay, thank you too?].

    So I guess the frustration with comments goes both ways.

    I always make time to reply to comments – even when I don’t know what to say initially. Then I just take a printscreen of it so I remember to answer it the day after.
    [I honestly arrive 15 minutes earlier at work so I have time to catch up on my comments, haha.]

    And with this I have, once again, proven that I’m a pro at typing out giant comments, whoop!

    Congratulations on your Blogiversary, by the way! 🙂


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    • Hahah aww this is probably one of the BEST comments I’ve ever gotten (: THANK YOU, KATHY!!

      I totally understand that comment frustration does go both ways especially when you did take the time to actually read their post and provide a lengthy, meaningful response. I really appreciate you investing your time into my blog. Please keep arriving 15 minutes early to work because you are definitely a bright individual within the blogging community (unless you need to sleep during those extra 15 minutes because I totally understand — I love sleep).

      Whenever someone does give you “thanks for stopping by” I hope you remember just how much your comment meant to me!!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤ ❤


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      • I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that, haha! You’re very welcome!

        I’ll always keep arriving 15 minutes early. I’d rather sacrifice 15 minutes of sleep than even more reading time if I should take those “15 minutes” at night – because I’d be at it way longer than just 15 minutes [I have the tendency to start browsing blogs and that can take up a whole load of time before I actually realize what’s happening, haha.]

        Naw, that’s sweet!

        Thank you for taking the time to answer it! 😀


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      • Hahaha, I totally understand that! Well kudos to you for being so dedicated!

        Thank you for commenting, again, Kathy!! (:


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