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Souvenirs from across the world(3)

Random Fact of the Day: If a lobster loses an eye, it will grow another one.

Hello sunshines!! 🔆 How are you all on this beautiful day? I hope you are doing great and you are reading so many awesome books 🙂 Anyways, do you remember SFATW?? Earlier this year I posted Souvenirs From Across the World | What’s Up With the Bay Area?? and SFATW Part 2, so if you missed those feel free to check them out! But to do a little recap for those that missed out on those posts, here is a little summary on SFATW:

“Souvenirs From Across The World (SFATW) is a feature created to get to know each other a bit better, especially where we are all from, share a bit of our countries, cities, cultures, traditions, writers, authors. The main goal of Souvenirs From Across The Worldis to create a link between all bloggers, from everywhere, and to share a bit of the diversity that makes everyone unique on the blogosphere.”

-Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books 💬

If you want to join SFATW or you want to read more information, check it out HERE!

I am so excited that Marie decided to continue this feature, so thank you, Marie! This month’s theme is Things I Love About My Country and/ or HometownAs you guys may know by now, I am located in the Bay Area of sunny California, so that is what my post will be centered around! Please join me and read all about what I love about the Bay Area 🇺🇸

If you’ve forgotten, the Bay Area of CA is made up of several cities including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, etc. So keep in mind the Bay Area is a wide spectrum of California 🙂


💙 THE DIVERSITY: Where I live is known to be one of the most diverse places in California AND the United States as a whole! I love, love, love, that there are so many different representations and cultures in the Bay Area — not only does this widen my perspectives, but also my understanding and openness of others. I love that I am able to witness other cultures and practices that I may not have been able to experience if it weren’t for where I live.

💙 THE FOOD: Okay, we all love food. But since the Bay Area is so diverse, I am able to basically taste the world. This doesn’t mean that everything I eat is authentic, but I at least get an idea of what other people eat. (And again, food is amazing so I’m not complaining 😌)

💙 THE POPULARITY: What do I mean by this? Well, I am actually able to attend book signings, concerts, and other events that aren’t usually in other smaller areas/countries. I am extremely grateful that some signings and events are in my general area — I know a ton of bloggers/readers that don’t get the opportunity to visit these things, so I make sure to take advantage of what I am provided.

💙 THE ATMOSPHERE: This is kind of a broad love, but I love the weather (most of the time), the different places that I can visit (if I had the money and time), etc. There is SO much to do in CA in general, but in the Bay Area alone I think there are a significant amount of sites and locations. Now I say this, but I’ve actually never really ventured CA (and yes, that is sad, but it’s on my bucket list to venture CA more!!)

And that is ALL for this SFATW post! I hope you all had a great time reading this post and finding out what I Love About The Bay Area!! I really hope I helped you travel the Bay Area a little bit — come visit me!! 🙂

Are you taking part in the SFATW feature??? Have you been to California? What about the Bay Area?? Chat with me in the comments below!

Thank you again to Marie for hosting this awesome feature!!❤

*Disclaimer: All photo rights go to the rightful owner. None of the photographs shown above are mine.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…





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4 responses to “#SFATW | My Bay Area, CA Loves

  1. What a great post, and thank you so, so much for your contribution to my little feature, Jess! ❤ ❤
    Those ice creamed cookies look SO good, I need to try one someday. And you are especially lucky with all of the concerts and events, yes, I'm kind of jealous ahah, but someday I will visit California, so that's okay I guess! The San Francisco houses are absolutely gorgeous, I want to live in one of these ahah ❤ ❤ ❤

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