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Random Fact of the Day: If a lobster loses a claw or an eye, it is able to grow another.

Hello sunshines! How’s everyone’s August going?? 2016 is almost over and  I really can’t believe it. Anyways, since today is Sunday I will be sharing yet another Featured Follower with you all! However, this will be the one and only FWF post of this month — with my hiatus coming up I won’t have time to chat with individuals, but next month I will definitely start up this meme again! 🙂

Feature with Followers is a weekly meme created by JBelkBooks (me) in which I will be showcasing one of my AMAZING followers. This gives me an opportunity to really get to know them and give them an opportunity to get their blogs out there in the community. The way I choose my featured follower is Top Secret, so wait for your chance to be featured! [If you think there is someone out there worthy of being showcased that I haven’t shared yet, definitely shoot me something in the comments that provides the blogger’s name and URL, and I will be sure to check them out!!]

I am now accepting requests for YOU to be a Featured Follower in my Feature with Followers posts!! (Yes, YOU, reading this!!) For more details, click HERE.


  • This blogger and I are the same age currently!
  • She has a Dr.Seuss quote in the sub-header of her blog!
  • She recently posted the Summer Reader Book Tag.


Sabrina @ sabrinamarsibooks!!


ABOUT SABRINA: Hello! My name is Sabrina Marsi and I’m 15 years old. I’m an America. I love to read, blog, and cook. I have 9 sibling and things can sometimes get crazy. My favorite tv show is Lost. A fact about me is that I lose everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost my head.

Continue reading for the Q&A with Sabrina!


ME: When did your blogging journey begin and why did you decide to start?

SABRINA: About 2 years ago, I came across this community on Youtube that talked about books. I watched a couple of videos and decided that I wanted to start a Booktube channel. When I sat down to film my first video, I chickened out. I was too shy and too scared, but I wanted to talk and connect with people through books. So on August 31, 2015, i made my very own book blog and I didn’t regret it one bit 🙂

ME: I noticed on your blog sub-header that you have a quote by Dr. Seuss. Is Seuss a childhood favorite or did that quote just happen to resonate with you?

S: The quote on my subheader has a special place in my heart. I used to get bullied a lot in middle school for being a hijabi, so I would always eat lunch in my teacher’s classroom. She would give me these lollipops with smiley faces on them. On the last day of school, she gave me a book that had a bunch of famous Dr,Seuss quotes. The quote on my subheader was on the cover.

[Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I always find it fascinating and yet so inspirational when someone can take a negative or impactful event of their lives and turn it into something worthwhile and positive.]

ME: Besides reading and blogging, what else do you do with your spare time?

S:  All of my spare time goes to cooking. I love the idea of starting out nothing and putting it together to make something beautiful.

ME: We are more than halfway through 2016. Have you accomplished anything major and/or memorable? 

S: I’ve always wanted to learn how to skateboard, but I have always been too scared. A couple months ago, I decided to face my fear and just go for it. I did get a few bruises and cuts, but at the end it was worth it. I’m proud to say I can skateboard now.

ME: Since it is the 7th month of the year, what are 7 aspects (blogging related, personal, etc.) that you would like to change in the future?


a. I want to start doing more book reviews on my book blog.I have honestly written so many reviews, but I never post any of them because I think they aren’t good enough. I need to stop doing that because nobody’s perfect…I gotta work it! ( I promise that’s the only hannah montana reference! )
b. I want to eat healthier because I eat way too much chocolate
c. I want to stop biting my nails! I’m almost 16 and it’s just not good.
e. stop running from my problems.
f. Build some confidence. 
g. Stop trying to hold on the past. Things happen and I have to learn to move on without dwelling on the past too much.
[I definitely agree with most of the aspects Sabrina listed. I read books but then I don’t feel like reviewing them or I forget, so I really have to work on that xD I, too, bite my nails and it’s soooo annoying!]

Sabrina is definitely one of the most sweet & intelligent bloggers I’ve ever come across. Us being the same age, I really did relate to what she was expressing, especially her response to the last question. But since she is so open-minded, I’m sure she can do anything she sets her mind to! 🙂

Sabrina is a blogger just like the most of us, so make sure you send some love towards her way! Her blog is very well put-together & worth the read, & I do recommend you read some of her most recent posts!

 If you want to follow/contact Sabrina on other forms of media, feel free to check out her social media listed below! Just simply click on the icon and you’ll be taken straight to her!

Thank you so much to Sabrina for taking the time to chat with me and share yourself with not just me, but also with the blogging community. Also, thank you for being patient with me for I was actually supposed to post this last month! I hope in the near future you are successful with all those aspects you want to change (but we all know you will because you are amazzzing!!) ❤

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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  1. Sabrina Marsi Books

    Thanks so much for featuring me in your meme!

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  2. This is an awesome feature!

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  3. This feature is so much fun! I’ve only recently seen one or two follower-featured posts, and I totally love them!

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