Magic & Mixology Series | Witchy Sour by Gina LaManna


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What do you get when you mix together lethal potions, crazy-hooded strangers, and some sexy love? Well, you get the Magic & Mixology Series by Gina LaManna! But to be specific, the second book in this series, Witchy Sour. Intrigued? Ha, well you haven’t even read the synopsis yet!

Title: Witchy Sour

Author: Gina LaManna

Publication: June 10th, 2016

Hooded strangers, dangerous potions, and a budding romance threaten to ruin all that Lily’s worked to achieve.

When a body turns up on the beach in the midst of chaos, Lily must catch the murderer before the true battle begins…”

Witchy Sour is a comical mix between romance and mystery, so if you love both of those things, this novel is for you! The first book in the series, Hex on the Beach, was a complete success for LaManna, therefore be sure to read HONB before you purchase Witchy Sour for yourself.

[Witchy Sour is available on Amazon for $3.99 and free on Kindle Unlimited.]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Originally from Minnesota, Gina LaManna has also called Italy & Los Angeles home, although she’s never quite lost her Midwestern accent. She loves whipped cream and marshmallows more than anything! When she’s not writing books, she’s often hanging out with some of the best “book buddies” on Facebook or training for a marathon.

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