Top Ten Tuesday [#25]

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Random Fact of the Day: Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Hello sunshines! I hope everyone’s week is going swell so far — I know mine is! Today is the day designated to the wonderful Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will post a new Top Ten List. This list includes topics such as ‘my top ten favorite authors’ or ‘my top ten books of this month’. The topics will change, so make sure you stay tuned for each week! Let’s get to it!


A ton of awesome novels have already been released this year, but we still have SIX months to go in 2016! Here are the novels I am anticipating the most:

  1. EVER THE HUNTED by Erin Summerill
  2. THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR by Nicola Yoon
  3. A MILLION WORLDS WITH YOU by Claudia Gray
  4. CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber
  5. CARVE THE MARK by Veronica Roth
  6. WHAT LIGHT by Jay Asher
  7. LEAVE ME by Gayle Forman
  8. THIS SAVAGE SONG by Victoria Schwab
  9. THE MIDNIGHT STAR by Marie Lu
  10. A WORLD WITHOUT YOU by Beth Revis

What novels are you most anticipating for the remainder of 2016? What were some of your favorites from the beginning of 2016? Did you post a TTT? Link it below for I would love to see your post! 🙂

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…





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39 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday [#25]

  1. Yes to all of these! Too many books to buy this year!

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  2. Though Carve the Mark is next year (I believe?), I do want to see how much Roth has grown and developed as a writer! Good thing it’s only a duology too!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

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  3. Yvo

    A big yes to all of these! My poor TBR pile is most likely going to explode by the end of this year haha.

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  4. So many great releases this year! It makes me happy but I swear my wallet is crying, haha. I also have this Savage Song on my TTT. 🙂

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  5. Look at all the lovely covers! *stares at them in awe*
    Hope you get to read everything on your list; they sound really great! 😀
    Books from the first half of this year that I really liked are The Siren by Kiera Cass and Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw. How about you?

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    • Oh, yeah!! The covers all together just look AMAZING!! ❤

      I own SEHIH by Breslaw but I haven't gotten to it! The reviews for it have been quite 'back and forth' — some people enjoyed it while others didn't. So I'm curious to come up with my own verdict.

      I know this may sound crazy, but I actually haven't read ANY 2016 new releases!! I have so many piling up on my shelves, but like I said, lately I've only been reading older releases…However, a few of the most recent ones that I want to get to before summer ends are Not If I See You First by Eric L., Summer Days & Summer Nights by Stephanie P., and Wink Poppy Midnight by April G. Tucholke. 🙂

      -Jess @jbelkbooks


  6. I didn’t know Veronica Roth had a book coming out. The cover is really beautiful. I want to read Caraval so bad!!

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  7. All of these books look WONDERFUL, and their covers are so, so pretty. Ack, all the sequels coming out are reminding me how much catching up I have to do with getting to the starter books of the series!

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  8. Ohh such a great list, and I almost forgot about that Veronica Roth book, it sounds SO good! 🙂 I am excited for A Million Worlds without you, A LOT, I can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

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  9. So many wonderful books! I have to read the second book of the Young Elites series and seeing the beautiful cover for Midnight Star keeps on reminding me of that. Great list!

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  10. wait where is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?? I’m so excited for the next book in the firebird trilogy omg
    – Yasmin

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    • Hahah, well, as for HP I actually haven’t read the HP novels…(please don’t kill me , lol)! So yeah, that’s why HP isn’t on my list… xD

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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      • aww it’s okay I won’t kill you. You should read them though, I know there’s a read-a-thon in December called Harry Xmas To You and it’s over the month of December, if you wanted to read them. I’m not trying to force you but you know sometimes when I want to pick up a series I need motivation.
        – Yasmin

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      • I think I’ll read them some day…I haven’t seen the movies either so I haven’t really been spoiled (yet, lol). Thanks for letting me know about the read-a-thon; I’ll definitely look into that as the year goes on. Thank you, again!! 😀

        -Jess @jbel

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  12. I’m stoked for the newest Veronica Roth book and the Midnight Star

    Oh..and about 3 others on your fantastic list! The rest of 2016 looks to have some pretty great reads!

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    • Oh yeah, 2016 definitely was a good year for book releases! This one will be my first Roth novel, so I’m hoping it’s good! I haven’t read the rest of TYE series, but I thought I’d add it to my list anyways because I’m anticipating to enjoy Lu’s series 🙂

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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