Subscription Box: Okashi Connection |#6

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Hello! I hope everyone is doing swell at this very moment, and I am very honored to be able to take up your precious time while you are reading this post! So what did your local hoarder (aka, me…) receive in May in her mailbox??

Okashi Connection is a premium Japanese candy and snack subscription box. They strive to send treats that can only be found in Japan or that would be hard for the average person to find outside of Japan. They focus on seasonal and tasty foods; no weird eel flavored or ‘filler’ snacks here.

Lol, it is no surprise that I have received yet another Okashi Connection subscription box. I have fallen in love with this subscription since my first box, and this one is no exception. EXCEPT, I have some bad news *cues the sad music in the background* I am no longer able to purchase OC anymore.

This is for financial issues, however if I had all the money in the world I would definitely keep this subscription ongoing. With that being said, you might be wondering how in the heck I was able to receive this one! Well, the wonderful people at OC were so very kind enough to send me their Spring Box #2 for FREE in exchange for an honest review. I already review their box anyways, so of course I agreed! I am overly grateful for the people at OC, so thank YOU (specifically to Adam because he was the one responding to my emails ❤ )!!

But anyways, let’s get to the fun stuff! In case this is your first time seeing Okashi Connection, here’s a little breakdown for ya:

There is THREE options to subscribe to:

  1. Ninja Box ($14.00/month including S&H)
  2. Samurai Box ($22.00/month) [I AM HERE]
  3. Sumo Box ($33.00/month) — the higher the price the more snacks you receive!

So if you are feeling rebellious or you just want to support an awesome company, feel free to buy all three boxes just for fun 😉 They do have one time purchases, so if you interested in that you can check out their website. They do not provide a certain amount of snacks each month, but instead they aim for around a pound (about 450 grams) of candy/snacks in each box. You do not have to keep subscribing every month — once you have subscribed you will continue to be subscribed until you end your subscription.

When you subscribe, you have the choice right there in the subscription form to choose either “Economy Air SAL” (2-4 week estimate, no tracking) or “Express Mail Service (EMS)” (about 3-6 business days, tracking emails directly from Japan Post). EMS costs more money. Also, when subscribing, you can choose exactly what day you want to start (as long as that box is available), and your box will get shipped out within 6 business days of your payment!

DISCLAIMER: I do not take part in the EMS promotion, however I am still very happy with the time frame in which my box usually arrives.

For a full list of countries that Okashi Connection ships to, please see this site & for more information about Okashi Connection, click here!

Here are few snapshots from the Spring Box #2 Unboxing:

Okay, firstly, THERE IS A DIY IN THIS BOX!! What a way to end my subscription by having a fun DIY! If you haven’t figured this out yet, food DIYs are my favorite form of DIYs, lol.

I know I say this almost every time, but I am reeallyy intrigued with this box! This time they decided to feature a beverage in their box, which I think is very unique. There are a few things in the box, such as the snack made of edamame, that I am little skeptic about, but other than that I am really happy & ecstatic to taste everything with my siblings.



  • New snacks/candies every month
  • No repeats of snacks (I guess this could be a con as well, lol)
  • Informational guide in English
  • Different flavors in the boxes (sweet, sour, spicy, etc.)
  • Good size portioned snacks
  • Multiple options for shipping
  • Multiple options for subscription
  • Family friendly
  • Easy (un)subscription process
  • Shipping is included in the overall price


  • Limited shipping boundaries
  • Having a tracking number cost additional money
  • Their Shop is a little limited

As you can tell, there is an extensive list of pros compared to the cons. I obviously loved this subscription while it lasted, and when things get up to par in the future, I will definitely look back into this company. I do recommend this subscription to anyone looking for an adventurous, tasty, and exciting gift to yourself every month. So if anyone has any questions or comments in regards to OC, shoot me something in the comments below! 🙂

Thank you a ton, again, to everyone at Okashi Connection who makes this box so amazing. I truly appreciate you guys sending me this box for free, and I’m sure my family does as well! ❤ 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…







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5 responses to “Subscription Box: Okashi Connection |#6

  1. Fatima @ NoteablePad

    This is brilliant! 😀 I’ve never heard of this subscription box before, but it sounds awesome 🙂 and the fact that they sent it for free too in exchange for a review is so lovely.

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  3. Such sweetness from OC 😃

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