Food, Books, Music..| My First YALLWest (Part 2)


Random Fact the Day: Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

Hello and Happy Friday!! If you missed Part One of this three part series, definitely check out my Sneak-Peek to YALLWest! I’ve decided that you all have waited long enough, so here I am with My YALLWest Experience Part Two 😉 [WARNING: this post will be pretty lengthy]

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So I started YALLWest with the Fierce Friday Preview Event. I got to my hotel, my family and I rested a little bit, and eventually we left for the Santa Monica Public Library. The weather was a little on the cold side, but it was still sunny for the most part. There was a ton of traffic on the way (which was anticipated), but we did get there in time for me to get my wrist band & get in line. I must admit it was pretty hectic getting settled, but once I was calm and realization hit me that I WAS ABOUT TO SEE RAINBOW ROWELL, my emotions were everywhere, lol. The lines were organized, the people were friendly, and there were some awesome food trucks. One thing that I really loved was their wristband system — each person had a number on their wrist band, so if you wanted to step out of line to get food or to chat with friends, you could because you were allowed to get back in line with your number. I didn’t take advantage of this because my siblings brought me food, but it was still a great idea.

After maybe a 45 minute wait in line & a taste of deep fried macaroni and cheese balls and some awesome shaved ice, we were finally let into the Public Library. The line for Rainbow Rowell was the longest that I saw, but I stuck it out and I did get to the front of the line within maybe an hour and a half or so. Must I say that library was absolutely beautiful and I’m really glad the signing was inside, for it was pretty windy outside. As I got closer to the front my heartbeat began to speed up, but once I was face to face with Rowell it felt like we were just meeting up like old friends. Rowell was so sweet and I literally told her that Eleanor & Park made me cry, lol. My mother took some pictures, and then I was on my way to David Levithan’s line.

Surprisingly, to my luck, THERE WAS NO LINE for Levithan!! (Another shoutout to Jess @ PrincessicaofBooks for texting me and letting me know) So I walked right up to him and took out my three novels and he signed them right away. We conversed for a few minutes and then we departed. At that same time there was Author Karaoke, so that was pretty funny to hear in the background, lol.

After those two signings, I visited a medium sized table that featured some novels by the authors that were signing that night and others. I ended up purchasing two novels — The School for Good and Evil (Part 1 and 2) by Soman Chainani. 

I was expecting to leave after that (mind at this time it’s around 8:30 PM), however my mother is obsessed with photos so she told me to go stand in line for the Fierce Friday Photo-shoot. I took four pictures with my silly but somewhat photogenic brother, and then I got complimented on how cute we were from this girl waiting in the line (SHOUTOUT TO HER <3).

I took one last glance at the library scene, and then I was departing to my parked car, sad but glad that I got to attend the Fierce Friday Preview Event.


Did you go to YALLWest? Did you post about it on your blog? Can you wait a couple days or so for Part Three??? Let me know in the comments!!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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6 responses to “Food, Books, Music..| My First YALLWest (Part 2)

  1. I’m so happy for you and jelly at the same time, because THE BOOKS!! THE AUTHORS! SIGNED BOOKS!!! (I am calm, I promise…) I can’t wait for a chance to go to YALLWest (or BEA) one day. Glad you have fun! 😍

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  2. How exciting that you got to meet super famous authors whose work you adore. In the photo on the right especially, you and Rainbow Rowell really do look like old friends. Haha, I’m glad to see you ate healthy this trip. 😉

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