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Random Fact of the Day: The “K” in Kmart stands for Kresge, as in the chain’s founder, Sebastian S. Kresge.

Hello friends! I was tagged by Alyssa @ Alyssa is Reading to do the Get To Know Me tag, so thank you Alyssa!! This tag actually seemed pretty simple, but fun, so I was excited to be tagged! So, feel free to Get To Know Me down below:


Name: Jesalin
Nicknames: Jess, Jessi, Jess Mess, Jessi Mess, etc. (but mostly just “Jess”, lol)
Birthday: September 30th (any September babies out there??)
Star Sign: Libra
Occupation: Student c/o 2018, eater, lover of lots, professional sleeper 🙂


Hair Colour: Either really, really dark brown or black…I’m not really sure!
Hair Length: A little past my shoulders — mid-boob length maybe.
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Best Feature: Ummmm…I don’t know? I get complimented on my eyebrows a lot. And also, people say “they never see me with acne” but I have to disagree, lol.
Braces: Nope.
Piercings: One in each ear.
Tattoos: None, but I want some later in the years!
Right or Left: Right.


Best friend: I actually can’t remember (such a bad person, I know).
Award: Probably something school related..
Sport: Soccer! I loved soccer and I was surprisingly good at it. But ya know, school becomes everything 🙂
Real holiday: Ummm…my birthday? I don’t know, lol.
Concert: Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour ❤

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