Book Haul! | April

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Random Fact of the Day: Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water. 

Hello friends and welcome to another Book Haul! Just a warning, you may be seeing another book haul this month since I am definitely going to YALLWest!! If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.

Anyways, about a week ago or so I went to Berkeley in CA (where I live) and I came across this new/used bookstore called Pegasus Books!! I was with my family and we were planning to eat at this pizza place next door, and I saw Pegasus Books. I was so happy when I went inside because I honestly didn’t know what to expect — the only bookstores I go to are really local, like Barnes & Nobles. To my surprise this bookstore was AWESOME. All their used novels didn’t even remotely looked “used” and they were half their original price. Also, the amount of novels that I found in the “used” section that I actually wanted to read was ridiculous! I purchased so many amazing novels, that I have to share them with you guys today:

Now before you start freaking out with, “JESALIN THEY HAD REBEL OF THE SANDS IN THE USED SECTION????!?”, no, they did not, lol. Rebel of the Sands was from my Uppercase Box, HOWEVER I do recall them having ROTS in their ‘New Releases’ section. Eleanor was hauled maybe a month ago for review purposes, but I never included it in a actual haul, lol. So yes, in all I actually BOUGHT 6 novels.

  1. Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Grey (“used” but in new condition)
  2. Every You, Every Me by David Levithan (“used” but in new condition)
  3. The Young Elites by Marie Lu (“used” but in good condition)
  4. George by Alex Gino (new)
  5. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton (“used” but in new condition)
  6. Persuasion by Jane Austen (new)

FullSizeRender (2)Like mentioned before, I am very impressed with the bookstore. They had a lot of newish novels in their used section, but I was only purchasing the ones I’ve had on my TBR or ones that I actually knew about. I definitely want to go back when I can because while they had great used books, they also had recent new releases. So, they are very much worth the 2-ish hour drive from my house! xD

 Oh! And before I forget, they were also kind enough to give me these bookmarks & coupon along with my purchase, so thank you again Pegasus Books!



DISCLAIMER: As I know of, Pegasus Books is only located in Oakland, CA and Berkeley, CA. But they do have an online store, so be sure to check that out if you are interested. Also, I am no way an affiliate of Pegasus Books, I just randomly came across their store.

And that is all for this wonderful April Book Haul! Did you read any of these novels yet? Have you hauled any novels this April? Chat with me in the comments!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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21 responses to “Book Haul! | April

  1. Fun haul, Jess! Look at all those lovely blue covers (my favorite color :)). I’m curious to read George.

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  2. I actually haven’t even heard of this bookstore but I’ll have to stop by if I’m ever in the area! Those are TONS of great titles, and quite some popular ones too, so I’m surprised they were in the used section. I literally got Rebel of the Sands and The Young Elites yesterday and I’m excited to read both. I read Lu’s Legend Trilogy and loved it but haven’t gotten around to TYE yet. As for Gray’s series, I have the first book but haven’t started it yet. The covers are SO gorgeous, though!

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    • Yes, definitely go!! I hope you find the time to visit PB because it was really great! I, as well, was surprised to find so many of those novels in the used section, so hopefully when you go you’ll find even better ones!

      I haven’t read anything by Lu or Gray, so I’m excited to get to them. TYE has been on my TBR for awhile, so I was really happy to find it for cheap. I’ve heard conflicting reviews on TTSAY, but other than that I still LOVE the cover 😉

      -Jess @jbelkbooks


  3. I wish I had a cool book event to go to this spring 😦 I will be sure to plan for BookCon or perhaps YALLWEST next year. I live in Texas and we have the Texas Book Festival, so that’s always nice. But I must go to BookCon at least once in my life!

    Great haul, btw. I have seen George and Rebel in the Sands a lot around the blogosphere. They look really good.

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    • Yeah, I’m really lucky to have an event this close to me! I’ve heard of Texas having a lot of events, so that’s a good thing! I hope you enjoy the Texas Book Festival, though!

      And thanks! I am really looking forward to reading my recent purchases 🙂

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  4. pegasus books sounds familiar. Nice find!

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  5. AMAZINGGG HAUL HAHA ❤ YOULL BE READY FOR YALLWEST WITH US YASS. Still cant decide what to bring.. omg my luggage is gonna die T_T – Trang

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  6. WOW that is such a cool hall. I can’t believe that they were in the used section. The bookmarks are adorable, how sweet of them to give you a coupon.
    – Yasmin

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  7. I hope you like GEORGE. It was one of my favourite books of last year and it is such a gorgeous story!

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