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Top Ten Tuesday [#21]

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Random Fact of the Day: There are more than 10 million bricks in the Empire State Building.

It is sooooo hot today in California! Even though today sucked because of the weather (I am more of a winter person), I am still here to post my Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will post a new Top Ten List (may not necessarily be 10). This list includes a variety of topics such as ‘my top ten favorite authors’ or ‘my top ten books of the month’. The topics will change, so make sure you stay tuned for each week!

Just like last week, I am splitting this week’s topic in half…


Since I enjoy both Twitter and Youtube and there are some fantastic bookish people on both, I decided to do five each from Twitter and Youtube! Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT more people that deserve some recognition, but these are the 10 that came into mind first!


  • Nori @ ReadWriteLove28: You may recognize this name from her blog, but if you don’t she is also on Twitter!! She was one of the first people to welcome my JBelkBooks Twitter account onto the interweb and she is amazingly friendly! She is always shouting out random bloggers and such and I think she is overall a great person.
  • CW @ readthinkponderThis wonderful person is also a blogger, so if you aren’t following her make sure you do! I have to shout her out because a long time ago when I needed advice about driving because I was extremely nervous, she shared her thoughts and I really appreciated that. Thank you again CW!! Check out her blog!

“Jesalin, I thought you were doing 5???” Yeah, well, I couldn’t find 5, lol. So the last 3 will be AWESOME POSSUM BLOGGERS!


  • Eve @ Eve Messenger’s Other-Word-ly Endeavors: If there could be only one blogger that I seriously don’t regret getting to know and following, it’s this awesome lady! If you don’t know Eve, if you don’t follow Eve, if you don’t GO OVER to Eve’s blog, you are seriously missing out on the best person ever. She is so, so, so awesome and I really enjoy interacting with her. I could go on and on, but if you want to know more about her feel free to check out my FWF with her. ❤
  • Lashaan & Trang @ Bookidote: Again, these two bloggers are muy importante (very important) & I love their humour and the overall positive and fun vibe they give off. I will never stop saying that they’re such an adorable couple (THAT BLOG TOGETHER LIKE WHAAA??? #goals) and of course, I love their blog’s content. Again, I posted a FWF with them as well, so you can find that here. ❤
  • Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide To NovelsIt is no surprise that I ALSO have a FWF post with her, so…yeah, lol. I love, love, looooveee Astra (and her name)! She is always in my notifications and I really do notice how much time she takes just to comment on my posts, so thank you Astra. ❤


  • Zoe @ readbyzoe: Zoe is definitely one of my favorite booktubers; she is funny, enjoys contemporary just like me, and I love the content she puts on Booktube all together.
  • Jesse @ jessethereader: Jesse is one of the only male booktubers that I subscribe to on Youtube, so he is very special. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS EDITING SKILLS??? Specifically on his Monthly Wrap-Ups, I love his creativity and his personality is so intriguing!
  • Regan @ PeruseProject: Ah, Regan. Regan is a close first favorite just because I always add more novels to my Goodreads TBR because of her! She always has the best novel recs and again, her personality is so silly & enjoyable — it’s hard NOT to like Regan, lol.
  • Jessica @ priceiswong: What do I love about Jessica? Well, even though she doesn’t have these AMAZING AND EXTRAVAGANT editing skills, she is still very solid and honest as a booktuber and I love how she provides this welcoming tone in her videos.
  • Sasha @ abookutopia: I think we are all aware of who Sasha is just because she is so well-known on Booktube. But if you don’t just go subscribe to her channel because like the other booktubers mentioned, her videos are very unique and I love her vlogs, lol.

Okay, so I couldn’t leave some of my other favorite booktubers hangin’, so here are some worthy recs that I absolutely couldn’t pass up:

  1. Hannah @ A Clockwork Reader
  2. Christine @ polandbananasBOOKS
  3. Jess @ Tiny Reads
  4. Alita @ Alita Joy
  5. Kat @ Katytastic
  6. Grace @ LovingDemBooks
  7. Laura @ LovelyLikeLaura
  8. Katie @ ChapterStackss
  9. Caz @ Little Book Owl
  10. Monica @ shemightbemonica


Everyone I mentioned today are equally amazing and so worth the acknowledgment. Like I said in the beginning, there are thousands and millions of other booktubers and bloggers and twitter users involved in the interweb, so if you are reading this now and you are one of those, shout yourself out in the comments!! Everyone deserves some recognition, so if you would like feel free self promo yourself in the comments 🙂

But other than that, that is ALL for today’s post. I would definitely love if you guys could link your posts down below so I can find new bloggers/twitter users/people in general that share the same passion as me.

Do you follow any of the people I mentioned? Who do you think I should’ve added to my list?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…


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