Subscription Box: Uppercase | #5

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Random Fact of the Day: Odontophobia is the fear of teeth

Hello and welcome to another Subscription Box Unboxing & Review! Today I am sharing one of my favorite subscriptions — Uppercase.

Uppercase Box | Young Adult Monthly Book Subscription Box

From Uppercase, every month you’ll get an amazing young adult book that you’ll absolutely love! Every book you get from Uppercase is a brand new, hardcover book that’s signed by the author or comes with a signed bookplate from the author. Every Uppercase book is always published within the last month. It is extremely uncommon for a subscriber to already have a finished copy of the book and it almost never happens. 


There are three current options that you can subscribe to:

  • Book Exclusive Plan – $17/month [Brand new hardcover, YA book, signed book or bookplate, reading experience with exclusive content, & a personal hand-written note to you]
  • Expert Plan – $23/month [everything listed from the Book Exclusive Plan, except you also get 1-2 high quality bookish items]
  • Personalized Plan – $29/month [you will fill out a personalized reading profile which is used along with your Goodreads profile (if available) and each month you will receive a book based on YOUR specific reading preferences and tastes. No author content or reading experience]

Here are some snapshots of March’s unboxing (technically unbagging):

Items I Behold (from top right to topleft):

  • The Uppercase Bag
  • Exclusive Content Bookmark and the Information Card
  • Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton & Signed Bookplate
  • Group picture of the Quote Couture Earrings (18k gold) from Jewel Sugar, “Read More” Big Magnet, & Two Rebel of the Sands decals

The last two photographs in the bottom row are just close ups of the decals and earrings.

I love, love, love the earrings!! I typically only wear my pearl earrings, but I’ll definitely wear the quotes ones now! I’m not sure what I will do with the decal, but I think I can utilize the magnet somewhere in my house. Before receiving this bag I was familiar with Rebel of the Sands, however I didn’t really know what it was about. Now that I have read the synopsis I can say that I am somewhat interested — I know some people were raving about it these past few weeks. Oh, and the cover is beautiful!

In case you guys weren’t aware, the Exclusive Content includes a special code that you can enter on their website to unlock exclusive content, videos from the author, additional backstories, and interact with other Uppercase readers. I personally have not tried this out yet just because I haven’t gotten around to actually reading a book that they’ve sent me. However I do enjoy the idea!

If you have ANY questions or comments, I would love to chat! And if YOU received your Uppercase box this month, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*Disclaimer: Uppercase currently ships to U.S. and Canada, including APO addresses and Puerto Rico only.*

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…




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4 responses to “Subscription Box: Uppercase | #5

  1. Rebel of the Sands hardcover looks SO BEAUTIFUL NOT GONNA LIE. It’s not bad book so there is no harm with reading it, that’s my two cents anyway!

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