Feature with Followers | #16

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Hello, Aloha, Hallo, Salut…! It is FWF time!

Feature with Followers is a weekly meme created by JBelkBooks (me) where I will be showcasing one of my AMAZING followers. This gives me an opportunity to really get to know them and give them an opportunity to get their blogs out there in the community. The way I choose my featured follower is Top Secret, so wait for your chance to be featured!

This week’s FWF is long awaited. I say this because I asked this lovely blogger to chat with me a while ago, and unfortunately it took a while for her to get back to me. However, eventually we did chat efficiently, and now that I have a week open, I decided to post about her today! Here are some hints that may reveal who this blogger is:

  • She is 13 years old.
  • She recently reached her 6 month blogiversary!
  • We both live in California.


Paige @ Page By Paige!!

paige by page

ABOUT PAIGE: Hi guys! I’m Paige, and I blog at Page By Paige. I live in California, and as you can probably tell, I love reading. My favorite genre is definitely contemporary, but I’ve been trying to brach out in the last few months, particularly with fantasy and science fiction. Some of my other interests include writing, swimming, and sailing – as you’ll read below. I hope you enjoy this post, and feel free to check out my blog!

[Literally me because she loves contemporary and I don’t know a lot of bloggers that do <3]

Now, let’s get to know Paige more with the Q & A!

ME: When did your blogging journey begin and why did you decide to start?

PAIGE: I decided to start my blog on August 16th, 2015 for the same reason many of you probably did – I just wanted a place to talk about books! Few of my friends have similar taste in books as me, so I started this blog in attempt to meet some amazing people who loved books as much as I did. I am a very opinionated person by nature, so that’s another one of the main reasons I started this blog – being able to voice my opinion through reviews!

[I, too, started blogging in August of last year!]

ME: Who/What introduced you to your passion for reading?

PAIGE: One day, 3 years ago, my mom brought home a HUGE stack of books from the library. It wasn’t anything unexpected, of course; my mom was constantly trying to get me to read more. On the top of that stack sat Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I wasn’t sure I would like it at first, but after I got through the first chapter, I was in love. Since then, I’ve read so many amazing books, all thanks to my mom!

[This definitely sounds like a dream come true for us bookworms! I can’t share the experience with HP because I haven’t read it, but that’s okay, lol.]

ME: Besides reading and blogging, what else do you do with your spare time? 

PAIGE:  I enjoy competitive swimming, sailing, writing, etc.

ME: Would you rather read ONLY the first page of a book or read ONLY the last page of a book?

PAIGE: The last page, definitely! I mean, I’m one of those people who can NOT handle spoilers at all, but I still think it would be horrible if you could only read the first page of every book, especially the books you love!

ME: Since it is was the beginning (sort of) of a new year, can you share a 2016 resolution? (book related, life related, blog related, etc.)

PAIGE: I actually did a post on this a few days ago, which you can view here. I guess my top 3 would be:

  • Write a book! (Or get pretty far into one, at least.)
  • Read 100 books.
  • Post more discussions – at least once a week, hopefully!

As you can see, Paige is a very diverse person & experienced in so many fields. I really enjoy the fact that she does so many activities and extracurriculars besides blogging & reading because I wish I had that talent when I was that age, lol. Speaking of her blog, her theme is very wonderful and different in regards to most bloggers, so that was refreshing to see. Also, I wish her the best in completing 100 books!!

Here is a little glimpse of what you would see on Page by Paige:

As always, when you get the chance definitely go by her blog and send her a nice ‘hello’ because comments are always appreciative (at least on my blog!) 🙂

You can find Paige on the social media listed below. Just click on the icon and it’ll take you straight to her profile!

Thank you a ton to Paige for taking the time to chat with me and share yourself more with the blogging community. I am glad I got the opportunity to talk with you while I could, even if it took a while 😉

Have a great week everyone! ❤

P.S. I AM GOING ON A BLOG HOP THIS MONTH!!! So if you want me to visit your’s or someone else’s wonderful blog, leave your link below!!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…



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