Mini Book & Art Supply Haul | February

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Today is just going to be a quick book & art supply haul (and maybe a TBP Discussion post later on…?). I know you are thinking, “Jesalin, you said you were on a book-buying ban????” Well, I did not purchase any of these novels myself — I was sent this novel via the author himself. Sooooo, I am off the hook, lol. Anyways, let’s get into the haul…

Everything shown except for the flower print planner & Revenants by Kauffman was purchased from Michael’s (my local art supply store here in the U.S.). The stickers are for my planner and they weren’t too pricey. Also the black sketchbook journal that I am using is for my 2016 bullet journal. The flower print planner is for planning posts and such for my blog, which has been very helpful. The paints in the top left are for a Chemistry project for school, so I guess you can disregard those, lol (again, these were inexpensive) And then like I said, Revenants is from the author himself. (Thank you again, Kauffman!)

Oh, and one more thing!! A few months ago I forgot to mention that I purchased Out of Print socks. Out of Print is an online store dedicated to celebrating their favorite stories while promoting literacy in underserved communities. They provide several products such as tote bags, T-Shirts, socks, etc. that are all bookish themed. They are so adorable & I love them so much! Here are the ones I bought:

And that is all for this mini book & art supply haul! I hope you all enjoyed and if you have any questions or comments in regards to any of the items above, shoot me a message in the comments!

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time…




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5 responses to “Mini Book & Art Supply Haul | February

  1. I love this post so much!!!! Where did you buy that planner? Why don’t you do a flip through your bullet journal like how you organize it?

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    • Thank you!! I bought the flower planner from Walmart — it is fairly simple and easy to use. And then I bought the sketchbook that I am currently using for my Bullet Journal at my local art supply store called Michaels.
      Both, for me, were a little inexpensive…

      I can definitely do a flip-through if you are interested! 😀

      -Jess @jbelkbooks

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  2. Out of Print sounds so cool! I need to check if they ship worldwide (and my budget this month). But nice concept nonetheless! 🙂

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