Subscription Box: Okashi Connection | #1


Hello my lovelies! Today I am happy to share one of my newest subscribed boxes — OKASHI CONNECTION!

Okashi Connection is a premium Japanese candy and snack subscription box. They strive to send treats that can only be found in Japan or that would be hard for the average person to find outside of Japan. They focus on seasonal and tasty foods; no weird eel flavored or ‘filler’ snacks here.

There is only one current option to subscribe to which is the Samurai Box ($22.00 including S & H). They do not provide a certain amount of snacks each month, but instead they aim for around a pound ( about 450 grams) of candy in each box. You do not have to keep subscribing every month — once you have subscribed you will continue to be subscribed until you end your subscription. Okashi Connection uses Economy Air (SAL) via the Japan Post. For a full list of countries, please see this site. This is where you can find out if they ship to where you live!

For more information about Okashi Connection, click here!

So I recently subscribed to Okashi Connection because I love Japanese candy & I wanted to try something new. I am currently paying $22/month for this box, and honestly I was not disappointed. Here are the first looks of the unboxing:

I actually just noticed I took the last picture of the bag upside down…

So as you can see, there is A LOT in this box. Everything is well proportioned — they don’t give you little tasting sizes, which I appreciate. There is an information card that tells you what everything is in English, so you aren’t eating any mystery snacks. And there is a variety of snacks from chocolate to caviar to jellies.

I personally love the package of tiny snacks the most because it was such cute packaging and it has a ton of goodies inside.

I actually already ate a few things in the box, and they were very tasty! I ate the Umaibo Mentai which is described as, “a spicy tasting snack almost like caviar…” I have never tried caviar so I was very interested in trying that snack out. It was almost like a cheeto puff but in long, stick-looking form. And of course, not cheeto flavored, lol. I also tried Abekko Ramune“condensed sugar powder that dissolves like magic in your mouth. Comes in fun, fruity flavors.”  This one was pretty fun to eat; it did exactly what the information card said. Although the texture was a little weird, it was still very unique. I cannot seem to pinpoint what flavor it was, but it almost tasted lemony & acidic-like. And then lastly I tried the Fran Strawberry Sticks. If you have ever tasted or seen Pocky, then it is very similar to that accept the Fran has a more thick coating of strawberry. Overall, from what I did eat, this box is great!

I do plan on continuing my subscription with Okashi Connection. I love the box I received this month, so if you are interested I would recommend you subscribing soon so you’ll get the December box! 

P.S. I also got an email saying that there are investing in adding more options instead of just the Samurai Box! So stay tuned for that!

NOTE: They do not provide a tracking number when you purchase your box. They just give you a time frame to follow. But mine did arrive in the time frame, so that was good as well. Right now they send a separate email to subscribers that give them an option to pay more to receive a tracking number, along with a faster shipping process. But I am not taking part in that promotion.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…





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