Review | To Nowhere by C.E. Wilson

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Title: To Nowhere

Author: C.E. Wilson

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Page Count: 206

Format: Paperback

Publication: July 5th, 2015

Source: Sent in exchange for an honest review

“From the moment Lyris is treated to coffee by a beautiful stranger, she has no idea that her life is about to change forever. In her enthusiasm to start at a new school with a new boyfriend, Lyris is almost able to look past his oddities.
The way he eyes up her striking red hair.
The way he loves that she’s seventeen. “The perfect age.”
And the way he’s gone from all but begging to show her a specific room in a specific house to making her swear never to even think about it again.
When Lyris doesn’t take his strange warnings seriously, she finds that nothing could have prepared her for what lay behind that door.
Suddenly, Lyris finds herself in a world no one would believe. A world where she’s only a few inches tall and giants aren’t creatures from fairy tales. Where humans are no longer the dominant race, but pets auctioned off to the highest bidder. Lyris understands the true danger of such a place, but there seems to be one person on her side.
Her kind and surprised captor.
And while Brindt appears to be sweet and trustworthy, he also straddles the line between seeing her as an equal and a cute animal.
Lyris has to get home… before the one person can turn to becomes the one person who can’t let her go.”

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When I was asked to review this novel, I was immediately drawn to the plot & premises. I haven’t read anything similar to something like this, therefore I was pretty excited to get to reading it. I also enjoyed the cover to an extent — it was quite mysterious-looking. I don’t read a lot of fantasy either, so it was great to be able to read something out of my comfort zone.

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So as you have read from the synopsis (hopefully), this novel is pretty…atypical. Giants? Wouldn’t you expect that to be in a children’s novel? I mean, the last time I read something about giants was probably Jack and the Bean Stalk. Yes, I thought this in the beginning, I must admit. But that thought was soon washed away as I proceeded to read.

At first you get this really unusual relationship between Lyris and her captor, Wyatt. Lyris has just moved to the area and Wyatt makes a conversation out of that in the coffee shop they meet at. He asks several questions about her; how old are you, what is your name, where do you live…All of the typical questions you may feel comfortable answering. But then things get weird when she feels odd emotions when she is with him. He tells her she is the “perfect age”…What does that mean? So the good first few chapters are about their encounters and ongoing relationship. Obviously in the event that they continue to meet and chat, the two begin to have feelings for each other (WRONG DECISION #1)or is it something more/totally different? This was the question that seemed to always rush through my head when reading the beginning. And eventually, that question is answered.

During this time in the novel, I found the main character, Lyris, to be a little naive and ignorant as to what she was getting involved in. She gets invited to this dark, mysterious house by Wyatt and she gladly agrees to join him (WRONG DECISION #2). Who in their right mind would do that?? And then the feelings between them are a little aggressive (not in the sexual way) and awkward. She is described as someone who is scared and worried about herself when she is with him. While you think she may just isolate herself from him, she still decides to associate with him (WRONG DECISION #3) So I did have some issues with that.

As the novel goes on, conflicting events happen — Lyris goes into the house by herself (when Wyatt told her not to) (WRONG DECISION #4) and goes upstairs to the bedroom that Wyatt was going to take her to. She enters a childlike room (comics, books, desk, etc.) and starts to laugh at herself for thinking this room had something creepy/important in it. As she continues to look around, she hears a noise behind a blue-lit door. Of course, she thinks this is Wyatt playing a trick on her, so she goes for the door and things happen. She finds herself in a world of giants — what fun.

This leads to a character that I actually did enjoy — Brindt. Brindt is the giant that Lyris gains a connection/relationship with during the second half of the novel. He is an unique & interesting character who created a new point of view. I enjoyed hearing about him and how he was so diverse compared to Lyris. Things between Lyris and Brindt were obviously problematic when she first arrived in that world, but she does begin to actually talk and adjust to Brindt. And that was a great part in the novel that I probably liked the most.

I am not going to go into huge depth for the last part of the novel because I do not want to spoil much for those that are interested in the novel. But I will say the ending left me with my mouth wide open. I was not expecting an ending like that...So yes, I think it was a rather exceptional closing.

Overall I did enjoy this novel to an extent. It was a different & somewhat quick fantasy read. The dialogue really helped the pacing of the novel, so that was great. The characters were individually diverse, even if they weren’t completely likable. And the overall consensus and plot was what really kept me reading until the end.


So what’s my rating?

I gave C.E. Wilson’s, To Nowhere, a…

3.5 out of 5 stars

Let me know down below your thoughts, comments, or questions regarding this novel!

Thanks for reading…(and thank you to C.E. Wilson for giving me the opportunity to read & review her novel)





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