Subscription Box: Uppercase Box | #1


Hello my lovelies! Today I am happy to share one of my newest subscribed boxes — UPPERCASE!

Uppercase Box | Young Adult Monthly Book Subscription Box

From Uppercase, every month you’ll get an amazing young adult book that you’ll absolutely love! Every book you get from Uppercase is a brand new, hardcover book that’s signed by the author or comes with a signed bookplate from the author. Every Uppercase book is always published within the last month. It is extremely uncommon for a subscriber to already have a finished copy of the book and it almost never happens. 

There are three current options that you can subscribe to:

  • Book Exclusive Plan – $17/month [Brand new hardcover, YA book, signed book or bookplate, reading experience with exclusive content, & a personal hand-written note to you]
  • Expert Plan – $23/month [every listed from the Book Exclusive Plan, except you also get 1-2 high quality bookish items]
  • Personalized Plan – $29/month [you will fill out a personalized reading profile which is used along with your Goodreads profile (if available) and each month you will receive a book based on YOUR specific reading preferences and tastes. No author content or reading experience]

However, I am currently subscribed to the Expert Plan. I received everything promised, and I am very excited to share those today.

So when I first got my package in the mail, it was nicely bubble-wrapped (which is appreciated). It did arrive around the time frame that was provided as well. Here are the first looks of the items:

IMG_7410 FullSizeRender (68) FullSizeRender (67) IMG_7411 FullSizeRender (66) FullSizeRender (65) FullSizeRender (69)

From top to bottom:

  • The overall drawstring packaging
  • Personalized note
  • Signed bookplate, author content, and The Lunar Chronicles temporary metallic tattoos from FierceReads
  • Alice’s Enchantmints from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild
  • Alice in Wonderland Coin Purse (front & back)
  • First & Then by Emma Mills

The Enchantmints were SO freakin’ cute! (I know that’s weird to say, but they are!!) And I was really glad I received another coin purse because I’ve been meaning to buy another one. The book was one I’ve never even heard of and it was hardcover, so that was an extreme plus! So I guess you could say I am very pleased with Uppercase!

ALSO throughout the book, they add post-it notes – each with a special code that you can enter on their website to unlock exclusive content, videos from the author, additional backstories, and interact with other Uppercase readers. How cool!

I do plan on continuing my subscription with Uppercase. But if you are interested yourself, I would really recommend trying it out! And if you have ANY questions or comments, I would love to chat!

*Disclaimer: Uppercase currently ships to U.S. and Canada, including APO addresses and Puerto Rico only.*

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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11 responses to “Subscription Box: Uppercase Box | #1

  1. I’ve always really wanted to get one of these but I live in. New Zealand and I don’t know if they send them here

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  2. Thats so cool!! 😀 ❤ Didnt even know it existed. Do they ship to Canada? – Trang

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  3. This looks really cool! Having unique books is always great 🙂 And bookish things are so cute!

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  4. Loved the idea of this bag..Do checkout my blog for my latest post. Would be glad to read your feedbacks 🙂

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