Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up | October


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Hello again! I am here today to share my progress for this month so far in regards to my TBR, posts, life in general, etc.

I actually don’t even know my progress as of now, so I guess it’s a good thing I am doing this…

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Ah, the good ol’ life. Has life been super great so far? Not really. But there was some good in the bad! Let’s start with the not so great:

  • SCHOOL. Isn’t that already enough? Well, it’s not really school itself, it’s more of this class I am currently taking. My grade in this class has been an emotional roller-coaster and I am really debating whether I should switch out of it, into a better, easier class. However, I don’t want it to switch my whole entire schedule around because I’ve been in school for a good two months now. Also, I don’t know if it’s just “the bad beginning” (haha, A Series of Unfortunate Events reference) or…what? So, that’s my stresser for the past few weeks.
  • I didn’t have a chance to interview a Featured Follower for this week. I actually really love interviewing my followers, and the fact that I didn’t get the opportunity to this week is a bummer. But I will definitely make sure I post one next weekend.
  • Artist’s Block. Starting last weekend, I was in a artist’s block that I severely need to get out of! I have random urges to want to paint, or sketch, but then when I actually sit down and think about it, I end up not doing it. So I have been carrying my sketchbook with me everywhere (in case I have the urge) and I am currently working on techniques and exercises to help me escape this tragedy.


  • I am expecting a few things in the mail! Yes, I love receiving things in the mail. But what I am actually getting is even more exciting. Firstly, I already got one of the cool things which are these:


Yes, I know, they are freakin’ adorable. I needed 90 more cents to get free shipping online, so I decided to purchase these cuties. I am expecting two subscription boxes in the mail soon, so of course I will sharing those with you guys as well!

  • It’s getting closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving!!!! I love Halloween because I go to my grandma’s and eat corn soup. And I love Thanksgiving because: 1. It’s break off from school, 2. my stomach is going to feel rejoiced, and 3. traveling time with my family!
  • The weather is cooling down. It is gradually starting to feel like Fall, and that makes me 10x more happier!
  • THE WALKING DEAD came back 7 days ago!!!! AHH!

So obviously that isn’t a recap of EVERYTHING that’s been going on this month, but just a few.

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  • I finished In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang! Check out that review here.
  • I also completed Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci! (Review to be posted)
  • I was asked to review yet another novel a few days ago, but I am waiting to receive it in the mail.
  • In my TBR I mentioned I was reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X for school, but truthfully I’ve just been using Sparknotes. (sorry, not sorry..?)
  • I forgot to mentioned this in my TBR, but I was planning on reading a book I got for review from Blogging for Books. Therefore I have been making progress on that novel as well.


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And that is ALL for this month’s Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up! If you missed any of those posts above, make sure you go check them out and let me know your thoughts! If you want to check up on my progress for the rest of the month, I would suggest following me on Goodreads!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you next time…




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4 responses to “Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up | October

  1. Getting stuff in the mail is the best! It sucks about your class, do you have teachers or friends who could help you make a decision? Hopefully all your books will cheer you up 🙂

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