October TBR

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Hey lovely people! It is currently October, so now I get to create yet another TBR list! (Check out my September Wrap-Up here)

I noticed last month that I made my TBR list pretty ambitiously considering out of the many books I was attempting to read, I only completed three of them. But it’s better than none! However, I also noticed something else: I am not the best at reading on devices. My mind simply doesn’t react well when reading on an electronic device. My focus drifts very easily and I don’t get the same feeling I get when reading physical copies. Now unless I NEED to read on one (for school purposes), I’d prefer having a physical copy in front of me. Therefore when I was getting ready to read review novels from Netgalley, I was not very successful. So I am here to address that I won’t be continuing my Netgalley experience. I don’t think my ratings and reviews would be very beneficial or authentic because of my preference of reading. But Netgalley as a whole was a pretty good website.

And now onto my TBR:

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  1. To Nowhere by C.E. Wilson
  2. Wind Down by Mark Ewig
  3. Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci
  4. In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang
  5. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

The first two listed are for review purposes, but the others are (graphic)novels that I’ve been wanting to read. So, I am hoping to get to those sometime this month.

I am also, AGAIN, having to read a book for my English 10 H class:


The Autobiography of Malcolm X

But I’ll probably being reading this via Youtube because I already know a good amount of information about Malcolm X.

And that is ALL for this month! I tried not to make it TOO long of a TBR, so we’ll check out my progress in my Bi-Weekly Wrap-Up! 

Thanks for reading…



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