Friday Finds [Sept. 18th]


Hello, hello, HELLO my beautiful human race! (or aliens, or ghosts, or whatever. I don’t know) It is finally the weekend. So sit down, relax, and read a nice book!

Today is Friday which means I get post this week’s book finds. As I am currently typing this, I cannot remember how many novels I actually discovered this week, but we shall check my Goodreads right now!

*time passes for Jess to login to her Goodreads and look at her most recently added ‘to-read’ books are…*

Okay! So, I have not discovered many novels this week. I just took a look at my Goodreads account and I actually only found four books. But I mean, it’s better than nothing!

Here are the novels I found this week:

17225463 66047942461262418246727

As always, if you are interested in these novels yourself, just click on the cover image and it’ll take you to the informational guide on Goodreads. Please let me know if you guys have found any intriguing finds this week, for I am always up to discover new novels. Also, if you have read these books and you would like to tell me about your experience, don’t be shy!

Thanks for reading!



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