Friday Finds [Sept. 11th]


Happy Friday! I hope everyone’s week was successful and worthwhile. We got through the week! Now you can just relax and read until whenever you please! And if you aren’t exactly as “free” as you wanted to be this weekend, that’s okay! I, unfortunately, have a boat load of homework to get done this weekend. But I will make time for myself and that’s what I recommend for anyone!

But since today is Friday, I will be posting this week’s Friday Finds. Unlike last week, I did discover numerous of novels that have intrigued me and have been added to my Goodreads.

Here are those finds:




If you are interested in these finds, just click on the image cover and it’ll take you straight to the informational guide on Goodreads! Also if you have read or heard about these novels, please feel free to let me know below in the comments! It would be great to hear some feedback on this books.

Thanks for reading…



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