Which Cover Wednesday [#4]

Ah, I can finally complete a Which Cover Wednesday…


FullSizeRender (24)

Hello and welcome to another Which Cover Wednesday! Like I mentioned above, it feels wonderful to actually have the opportunity to post this meme this week. Last week and I think the week before, I didn’t have time to post this. But, now I do! 

Which Cover Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sumaya @suereadingcorner. For this meme, you choose two different covers of the same book — the books can have different publishers, different formats, etc. Then you decide which one you think is more appealing. Very simple yet very fun!

Comment your opinions below! I always love a new input or debate (however you want to express your opinion). (:





I honestly don’t know about this one. They both appear to me as ‘eh’…But I think that’s because of the color schemes and it isn’t very eye-catching. I know if I were in a bookstore, I wouldn’t run straight to either cover. But I think with comparing the two covers, I would choose the first cover first. The first cover is just more appealing and I enjoy the clear visual of the Earth in the background.





Now, THIS one is challenging. I actually own the first cover, though. I really like the close-up aspect of the first cover, but my appeal towards the second cover is greater. I love the feeling I get when I look at that cover; heart-warmth and summery (I don’t enjoy the summer time though; the weather sucks). And also the landscape that is shown is beautiful, along with the lettering of the author’s name and title.





Oh my goodness, they are both just so wonderful! I own the first cover and I must say it’s more vibrant in person. But I think I like the second cover better. I think it’s because of the person just sitting on the beach so peacefully that just helps me build a connection with the cover. Yes, the first cover is a snow globe and everyone loves those, but again, Mother Nature wins. 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed today’s Which Cover Wednesday, and hopefully you didn’t have as much trouble as I did trying to pick which cover! I do own all of these novels, but haven’t read the last two yet. So if you have any comments on them, I’d be glad to hear those as well.

Until next time…



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