August 2015 Art/Book-ish Haul [#2]

Hello and welcome to my second art supply haul and my first book-ish haul this month. This haul is smaller compared to the rest of my usual hauls because I wasn’t expecting to make a visit to Michaels again this month. (Michaels is a specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, home décor & seasonal products for hobbyists and DIY decorators.) I am not sure if they are located around the world, but I do know there are many in North America. Anyways, as you can tell I did end up going to Michaels again! Lots of items were on sale this weekend, so I decided to purchase a few things!

I didn’t buy actual books, but I did buy some book-ish items. I bought the journal that I mentioned (here) I was going to buy specifically to organize my blogging system. And then I also bought this connecting the dots activity book. Here are those items:

FullSizeRender (31) FullSizeRender (32) FullSizeRender (30) IMG_6088 IMG_6079

From top to bottom:

  • The first three photos are of my book-ish items. These are decorative boxes that I bought for 50% off each. It thought these were so cute and I didn’t even notice that they opened until I got home. So, that was cool as well! I bought these because like I said, they were on sale, but also because I have a little extra space on my book shelf to fill.
  • The fourth photo is my journal that I purchased for blogging uses. I think I got this for about $3.99.
  • The last photo is the ‘Connecting the Dots’ activity book that I mentioned. At Michaels they had one for famous icons and another for cities. I thought the icons would look nice on my bedroom wall, so I decided to get that one. Each icon requires you to connect 1,000 dots together to create the person’s face! I have not started it yet, but when I do I’ll make sure to show it to you guys!

And that completes my August Bookish/Art Haul! Like I said, all these items came from Michaels, so if you see anything that interests you, make sure to visit the Michaels website or your local store! If you have any questions regarding my purchases, feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading!



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