Friday Finds [Aug. 28th]


Its’s Friday, guys! And that means that I get to share my Finds of the week!


Before I get to that though, I hope my fellow bloggers/readers had an awesome week with joy and fun-filled adventures. And if not, there is always another day ahead of you and you have the opportunity to make tomorrow better and superior. You are absolutely amazing and you deserve the best of days!

But now onto my Finds of the week! From what I can remember, I don’t think I have as many Finds as usual; with school and other extra-curricular activities, I didn’t have much time to explore Goodreads. However, I am still willing to share what I did discover.

As always, you are more than welcome to link your own Finds below, as well as look into my Finds for yourself! Enjoy, lovebugs!



So as you can see my prediction was correct — the amount of Finds this week was much less than usual. But these books were able to catch my eye, so I do recommend checking these novels out for yourself. Remember, you can click on the book image and it’ll take you straight to the informational guide on Goodreads! If you have read or heard about any of these books, I would be grateful to hear some feedback or comments!

Stay tuned for next Friday!



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