50 Things That Make Me Happy tag!


Technically tagged by Galit @Coffee n’ Notes, I am attempting to list 50 things that make me happy! I feel this is a great tag for anyone to do, so if you want to do it consider yourself tagged by me! (:

50 Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. drawing, coloring, etc.
  2. painting
  3. singing
  4. purchasing stuff online (an addiction)
  5. sleeping
  6. family
  7. friends
  8. music
  9. writing, blogging, etc.
  11. buying art supplies
  12. buying books
  13. the smell of books
  14. elephants
  15. crossing stuff off of my bucket list
  16. good sales
  17. dark chocolate covered bananas
  18. mother nature
  19. getting stuff in the mail
  20. subscription boxes
  21. cold weather
  22. clouds
  23. coffee
  24. pens, pencils, etc.
  25. new journals or notebooks
  26. fake flowers
  27. dreamcatchers
  28. fireworks
  29. the stars
  30. the sky in general
  31. the Avengers
  32. Grey’s Anatomy
  33. Criminal Minds
  34. Netflix
  35. blankets
  36. pizza
  37. pasta
  38. Subway
  39. San Francisco
  40. traveling
  41. buying stuff for other people
  42. Demi Lovato
  43. Ed Sheeran
  44. donating to charities
  45. museums
  46. helping others
  47. talking about my passions; books, the arts, etc.
  48. wrapping presents
  49. my fellow bloggers & followers
  50. root beer (even though I rarely drink soda)

Wow, that was easier than I thought, haha. Those are only SOME of the things that make me happy, though. I hope lots and lots of people take the time and opportunity to challenge yourself to take part in this tag. Again, it is a great way for you to express your happiness, and that is very important.


Thanks for reading! And stay happy! (:

yours truly,


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