Review: Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day (Anna Bloom #2) 

Author: Julie Halpern

Young Adult, Humor, Realistic Fiction, Health/Mental Health

*Note: This is a review therefore there will possibly be spoilers. Read at your own risk.


Where to start with this book…

This book is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I love the character development of the main character, Anna, and the overall characters. Each character held their own personalities which played a specific role in Anna’s life. The use of mental health was greatly represented, specifically depression, and I am glad that this book explained Anna’s condition realistically.

The aspect of her going back and forth between loving the mental institution and hating it was very entertaining and heartwarming. I also like how she talked about her friends in the mental hospital as well as her friends that she went to school with.

By the author adding the art aspect (Anna and her art assignments for school), the novel appealed to me more. In addition, even though Anna had numerous of problems; her family issues, her depression, school, Justin, etc. she seemed to handle it well and that is very inspiring. The novel was easy to follow and it was a very humorous and fun read.

All in all, I give this books a 5 out of 5 Stars. As I stated previously, I love this book and the content. The characters and plot was well-thought of and I look forward to reading more of Julie Halpern’s work.

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